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Bayer Children's Chewable Children's Aspirin Pain Reliever 81mg (Cherry, 36 Each)

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To me the only pain reliever a child should have is tylonol. But for a adult, I take one everyday because of the high risk of heart attack that runs in my family. It lowers the chance of having a heart attack and I think everyone should take one. You can think that your as healthy as a horse but you never know that it could happen. better safe than sorry. Plus they taste great.





The aspirin itself is fine, but for this manufacturer to continue to label it as "children's aspirin" is a class-action lawsuit waiting to happen.  Use of aspirin in young children may lead to Reyes Syndrome.  You do NOT want your child to get that.  Contact the manufacturer and DEMAND that they relabel it (so that more innocent children are not harmed!)

Spokane, WA


children and flavors mix well


Bayer children's Chewable Aspirin pain reliever 81 mg. cherry  flavored is one of the best products for a pain reliever for children. easy to get them to take, as they are great tasting.  I remember when i was a child and I wrecked my bicycle for the first time. I was banged up pretty good, My grandma was babysitting me and my two brothers, and when she saw me, she went and got the bayer's baby aspirin out of the cupboard.  She then made sure as i was growing up that she always had bayer on hand.  I remember the flavor of the cherry aspirins even 30 years later, and I have always been able to easily recommend to anyone whom needs to give a child a pain reliever, if you don't have something that is strictly prescribed by a doctor, then I think you should at least give bayer children's aspirin. I don't know if they can ever change the flavor of these aspirin and make them taste as good as they do in the cherry flavor. 

Lakeside, OR


Not really for kids, but good asprin


These chewable asprins were great for me as a pregnant mother. My doctor wanted me to take a child strength dose of asprin because I was prone to blood clots (I was later switched to a stronger medicine, but started out with this). Because I had terrible morning sickness I couldn't tolerate a lot of tastes and these chewable cherry asprins were perfect. They stayed down and kept me healthy. I do not like that these are still labled for kids because kids are not supposed to take asprin anymore. They really need to be kept away from kids and the cherry flavor makes it seem more like candy than the normal yucky medicine taste of plain asprin. That's really more of a concern that kids would be able to get into it which can, hopefully, be thwarted by keeping them locked in the medicine cabinet. These are more expensive than the generics, but taste better and for me, that was important at the time.

Reinholds, PA


Bayer chewables good for adults


My husband was told by his doctor to take one 81mg asprin daily for heart protection.  Even though the asprin are small, he still could not swallow them and did not like the taste.  So I switched from rgular 81 mg. to Bayer chewable children's 81 mg asprin pain reliever.  I chose cherry flavor and my husband enjoys the taste. Store brands cost less than name brand Bayer, but Bayer is a well respected product that I have used since childhood.  There are times and using asprin is one of these times when I want to make sure my family has the very best.  And I sense deep within that generic will not do. I want the  best care and products for my husband.  Although Bayer costs more it is worth it to me and gives me peace of mind that my husbands heart is in good hands.  Bayer is a trusted product that has helped families for generations. My great grandmother used  Bayer asprin so it is a  family staple.3 children used Bayer chewable 81 mg asprin.

Roanoke, VA




Okay, so some of us need to take ASA for heart prevention reasons. So if we've gotta chew it, it should be good, right?? This brand is much better in taste than the store brands. Makes taking care of your heart easier on your stomach. The new taste, though different from that special orange that many of us older folk recall from youth, is a nice change.

Mobile, AL


This is a quick, easy and effective way to protect your heart.


I use this daily for heart protection and have found it to be easy as you just pop it in your mouth and chew it...the taste is pleasant and you don't necessarily have to drink water with it. It is generally inexpensive, though more expensive than regular aspirin that is in lower doses and formulated/advertised specifically for adults for the purpose of heart protection. I like the taste of the original orange flavor. It is great for people on the go.  Carry it in your purse or briefcase and it is available wherever you are if you forgot to take it first thing in the morning. The overall quality, ease and cost of this product is excellent.

Las Vegas, NV


These miracle pills may save your hearing and thwart strokes!


We all know that an aspirin a day can thin blood and thwart strokes and clots (or we all should know that!). However, I stayed away from aspirin because I have hearing loss and aspirin can cause ringing in the ears and I don't need more of THAT. A few months ago, I visited a world renowned ear doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and he told me that studies show that one baby aspirin a day can SLOW OR STOP HEARING LOSS in susceptible people. My father went deaf at age 23 and I inherited whatever he had. I am very lucky to have gotten to 42 and still have a moderate amount of hearing left but it is going to go like his did. It's a matter of when. Every year I can feel more of my precious hearing slipping away forever. When I heard the news about low dose aspirin preventing or slowing hearing loss, I stopped at the first drugstore I could find in Baltimore and bought **Bayer Children's Chewable Children's Aspirin Pain Reliever 81mg Cherry 36 Each.** I didn't buy it because of the name or flavor. It was all this little place had. These little gems tasted great and did double duty - helped to avoid clots and possibly helped to prolong what hearing I have left. It truly is a miracle to think that one little baby aspirin could save your life and/or your hearing! The taste is great but they're pricey. After I finished the bottle I had, I switched brands since all 81 mg. aspirin is the same. But I was very happy with these and had no ringing in my ears whatsoever. I may buy these again as I actually miss the flavor! I didn't use these for pain relief because I would have needed at least six to equal two real aspirin and I still shy away from aspirin in bigger doses. I believe any child will willingly and eagerly take these since they are so tasty and are a nice change from the orange flavor that has been around for a million years. If you do one thing for yourself, take one lose dose aspirin a day. Take one of these, one of the generics, whatever. But take one. You will be doing something very proactive for your body. You may ward off strokes and heart problems and even ward off hearing loss as you age or from heredity. Some call **Bayer Children's Chewable Children's Aspirin Pain Reliever 81mg Cherry** baby aspirin. I call them a miracle. If I can save what hearing I have by taking one of these a day, it truly is nothing short of an incredible miracle. And the benefits to my heart and blood circulation are a bonus. For kids, they are tasty and tiny but should be used with caution. Check the bottle or the website for precautions for children and aspirin. **Conclusion** One tasty little cherry aspirin tablet can save my hearing and ward off serious heath problems. How can I rate anything but 5 stars? The taste is wonderful and different and kids and adults alike will enjoy taking these. They're pricey but, if your child is picky about taste, these taste better than any children's chewables I have tried since so you may want to get them to be sure your picky child will actually chew and swallow them. Great for kids (for fever and pain) and adults (for blood thinning and hearing loss prevention).

The heart of , NY


Bayer Children's Chewable Children's Aspirin Pain Reliever 81mg (Cherry, 36 Each)

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