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Bayer AM

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Didn't notice any extra alertness using bayer am!


I was excited to try a new product, Bayer AM,  advertised to specifically help reduce fatigue and increase alertness while medicating and reducing morning aches and pains. I have a bad back and often have pain upon waking and for several hours after waking in the morning. I am also a night owl, so I do not  always enjoy getting up early or feel at my best first thing in the morning. I took two Bayer AM tablets each morning as directed on the box for a little over a week every morning upon waking.  I did notice some relief of my chronic back pain, and maybe less aches and pains in my legs, but I really did not notice any extra alertness. I was somewhat  disappointed, but still glad to add Bayer AM to my medicine cabinet to help fight pain and achiness. For alertness I guess I will have to stick to coffee! I would reccomend this product to anyone with chronic pain at the begining of their day!

Hartfordt, MI


Bayer AM

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