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Bare Minerals
Bare Minerals Liner Shadow Compact Quad III

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Bare Minerals didn't hit the mark this time


I am always willing to pay for quality when I need to but I have to say that I don't think Bare Minerals hit a home run with this one. The brush that is included is difficult to use and to get the makeup to apply the way you want to takes ultimate concentration. Bare Minerals makeup overall is overpriced to me and it makes me angry when I do decided to hand out the extra cash and I'm not pleased with the purchase when I get home. I would probably recommend this brand for something to cover up flaws like acne or scars but I wouldn't recommend them for eyeliners or eyeshadows. I think that there should have been a greater selection of colors with this product and a different brush would be helpful. I tried using it during day and night and just couldn't achieve the look I was going for. Overall, this product left much to be wanted and even my friends that used it were not very impressed. I wouldn't recommend it.

Manchester, TN




I switched to Bare Minerals about a year ago. I truly do like the various make up that they make. I suffer from cystic acne from time to time. I have tried many different make ups and I can't say that this is really any different in regards to my skin than others. It doesn't cause flare ups but I still suffer periodically from it. I do like the coverage and it does a good job concealing dark circles. I do watch to make sure i don't have too much powder around my eyes as I don't want it to accentuate the lines that I am starting to get! As for the Quad shadow/liner. I have the blacks and gray. I have used liquid or cake liner for years and prefer it now to a stick that is harder to get on. I run the brush under the water and put a drop in the well and then dip the brush in the color I want so i get a small drop of liquid liner. It goes on smooth and dark. You can make the lines thick or thin depending on what you like!  It's convenient b/c it packs up well. The top of the case has "bubbles" that come down to cover up the holes that open up the powder so you don't get a mess if you travel with it. It will last forever so it's worth the money!

Camp Lejeune, NC


Bare Minerals Liner Shadow Compact Quad III

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