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Bare Escentuals
Bare Escentuals the Essential Brow Kit

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Best Product By Far


This makeup is by far the best I have. My sister in law purchased it for as a christmas gift and I cant stop using it..I am addicted. She was turned onto it by a co-worker and now have me hooked. It stays on all day, it doesnt smear and I just love the color.

Hyattsville, MD


Bare Escentuals knows eyebrows!


I recently just bought the Bare Escentuals eyebrow kit for my friend for Christmas and I bought one for myself to try it out as well. I have very dark brown hair and my eye brows are a little lighter and I don"t have my hair so they look very thin and don"t really match my face. So I thought, I really had nothing to lose by trying it so way not! I got a medium shade of brown (as recommended to me by the make-up lady) and quickly put it on at home. I have NEVER seen my eye brows look this good! It draws much more attention to my eyes and make them really stand out against my pale skin. I tried wearing it to work and it lasted all day! It didn't fall off or smudge, and didn't crease! I was a little afraid that since it was power that it wouldn't stay on very well but it stayed on the whole day and I never had to reapply! I mhands down would recommend this product to anyone that is interested in giving there eye brows a little more character :)

Livermore, CA


Accentuate your brows with Escentuals Essentials Brow Powder


I purchased this on a whim. I had a gift certificate to a spa and had money left over. So I bought this kit. Previously, I have never thought I needed to accentuate my brows, now, I use it almost EVERY day. For the price, and your usage, it's REALLY worth it. The sales girl at the store gave me a great tip. She told me to open it carefully and decant like 1/2 of it to another container. When I got home to try it out, I could see why she said it. The little container was FULL of brow powder. I would have made a bloody mess had she not told me. I emptied 1/2 of it onto another container and set it aside for when I run low. (hasn't happened yet!) The brush also does a great job in letting me work with the angle of my brows. I am surprized at how it comes out pretty evenly and I never seem to need to apply more or wipe off excess. Little really does go a LONG way with this product. How to use: - Just take your brush and dab JUST the bottom of the brush into the pot. - Then on the container lid, shift the brush around so the powder get's distrubuted evenly. - Taking your brush, start with the start of your brows (closes to your nose) work your way out. If you feel like there is not enough brow powder, take your brush and swirl it around the remains of the lid. Usually this IS enough. - Follow up with the gel to keep hair and powder in place.   I just recently saw that I am running out of eyebrow gel, so I will start to look for a new one to go with this. I think I will go through at least 4-5 more gels before I even finish the powder. = )

Silver Spring, MD


Bare Escentuals the Essential Brow Kit

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