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Bare Escentuals
Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Glimmer Eyecolor - All Shades/Textures

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Really Nice Eyeshadow


I recently ordered the lightest color available in this glimmer eye shadow, and it's very nice. I use one of the Bare Minerals soft brushes to apply. One swipe gives you a nice shimmery look, and you can add more for a more dramatic look. It is very smooth and stays on all day without feeling clumpy or rubbing off. I would highly recommend it. I will definitely be ordering this glimmer eye shadow in a variety of colors. However, I highly recommend using one of the lighter shades as a highlighter for under the brow. Really, I use this as all-over eye shadow in the summer for a subtle look. I think the darker colors would also be nice to create a smoky eye. Just be careful not to take too much onto the brush as the excess will fall all over your face like any loose powder eye shadow. This is definitely a superior product to any loose eye shadow I've purchased at a drug store.

Pittsburgh, PA


A new essential in my make up bag


Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Glimmer Eyecolor - All Shades/Textures has quickly become my "go to" eye color. After using it for just one special event one evening I've decided to rethink my stand on wearing eye shadow. The first thing I really like about Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Glimmer Eyecolor - All Shades/Textures is the colors are very versatile and offer a little bit of "bling" in the glimmer of the color without being overwhelming. It is a nice thing that just "spices" up your look. The other really nice thing about this eye color is that it was easy to apply and only took a few minutes. While it make my eyes POP it didn't look fake either. Most importantly, Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Glimmer Eyecolor - All Shades/Textures lasted all night long. All I had to do was wash my face and it come off but it didn't rub or or wear off during my important evening. That says a lot about an eye color!

Houston, TX


Bare Escentuals Glimmer Eyecolors are amazing and versitle!


Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Glimmer Eyecolors are very beautiful. The shimmer in it is just perfect for all ages and isn't shocking like most glimmer or glitter shadows seem to be today. The glint in this shadow doesn't fall out all over my cheeks and this doesn't irritate my eyes like most other glimmer shadows do. The price for 1 pot of Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Glimmer Eyecolors is so reasonable because these last FOREVER. I've yet to run out of any of my BE eyeshadows and I've been using these for years. One of my favorite things about Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Glimmer Eyecolors is that it can be used wet or dry. I happen to prefer wet, because it will go on a little more pigmented and will stick/apply better than dry. When I apply this dry you have to be careful to "tap" the excess off before apply; otherwise you'll get all sorts of "fallout" as you apply. That's probably the thing I hate most about any BE products is the mess - be sure to place a paper towel down on your counter before using these loose powder formulas; they can be messy and will gunky up your counters and sinks. It cleans easy but the mess sneaks up on you and before you know it your counters are a new color. I highly recomment Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Glimmer Eyecolors; they don't irritate my sensitive eyes or skin and can go from a soft day look to an ultra sexy night look - amazing product!!!

Livonia, MI


Love the Foundation, The Eye Glimmers- Not So Much.


I have had a chance to try many different styles of powdered eyeshadow over the years and one of the brands I could not wait to try was Bare Escentuals. **Product Details** Bare Escentuals Bareminerals Glimmer Eyecolor comes in a clear plastic jar with a black lid on top and white/silver lettering with the company name. The idea is that you work a small amount of the color into the brush and then apply to the eyes. There is a pretty wide variety of color choices and they are supposed to flatter the eye area, not drawing attention to flaws. **Product Performance** Well, I have to say after marveling over the wonderful performance of Bare Escentuals foundations and products, the Bare Minerals Glimmer was a huge FAIL. Not only were they sparkly and weak in pigmentation, but they caused problems with my eyes. Although I react with sensitivity to many things, one of the things I rarely react to are powdered shadows or pigments. This was the exception. No matter which base I used under them, my eyes burned and watered while using them. I don't feel too badly, though, as the pigmentation was so weak that I can get better results from other brands. **The Bottom Line** I find that BareMinerals Glimmer Eyecolor is not worth the price, time or effort to use for me. I get much better results with Sweetscents products, TKB Trading, and some other independent mineral companies. Bare Escentuals Glimmers caused discomfort to my eyes and I had to stop using them- or trying to anyway.

Podunk, NY


Enough of a shimmer without being gaudy!


I am a Bare Escentuals fan!  I should initially disclose that I was not an avid eyeshadow user.  I never understood how to use the colors and was afraid that I would look like I had a black eye or something like that.  Since I joined the Bare Escentuals revolution I decided that I should try the shades that came in my kits.  I tried the All about eyes kit so I could learn how to use eyeshadows and it really helped.  However, the girls at the Bare Escentuals store are the ones that really helped to teach me.  I used to think that the glimmers were too shimmery.  I am a special ed teacher so I don't want something that looks like I'm ready to go clubbing.  However the glimmers are shimmery enough to be very pretty and versatile.  Depending upon the color the shimmer may be heavier than other colors.  Now I only buy shimmery eyeshadows and use them everyday.  Surprisingly enough, my eyeshadow collection is huge and is going to rival the Bare Escentuals store in no time :D 

Washington, DC


Great shadow, long wearing


I am mpore of a chapstick girl that a make-up wearing diva, but I was turned on to BE a few years ago and now I'm hooked. I still prefer a natural look, but I find it incredible easy to pull off with BE. I love the glimer eyeshadows, they are incredible easy to use (this coming from someone with no make-up applying skills) and have a way of helping you look refreshed and well rested, even, if like me, you have an infant. LOVE LOVE LOVE BE!!

Phoenixville, PA


Bare Minerals Glimmer is the best eyeshadow I have ever used.


     In the past, I have been disappointed with the color quality of eyeshadow.  Bare Minerals Glimmer has changed that perspective.  The color of the shadow is the same on your eyelids as it is in the pot.  It is also long-lasting and sweat resistant.  I wear it to work in a hot kitchen, and it stays in place for my nine hour shifts!      The shade I purchased is a deep, iridescent violet called Soul Sister.  It glides on smoothly and looks pretty all day.  I would recommend this product to anyone who likes bold colors and dramatic eyes.

Cuba, NY


Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Glimmer Eyecolor - All Shades/Textures

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