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Bar Keepers Friend
Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner

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I love this stuff!


This is great stuff!! You put it on any grease spot on any surface, let it sit 5 minutes, and then rub it right off! So easy!

Lawton, Mi


removes stubborn stains from glass cooktops...


The store was out of my regular-brand, glass cooktop cleaner so I purchased the **Bar Keepers Friend multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner **instead. I have tried several different brands in the past and thought they were all about the same, performance wise, so I wasn't expecting this brand to be any different. As with other brands, the **Bar Keepers Friend multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner **is a soft liquid cleanser, made to be gentle and not scratch the surface of the cooktop stove. Normally, I squirt a little of the product onto the stovetop, rub it around [a bit harder where any stains might be] and then let it dry. Once it dries, I wipe it up with a soft cloth and "poof!" - a clean and shiny stovetop. I tried using the **Bar Keepers Friend multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner **in the same manner. The cleanser squirted about the same as other brands. I had a nickel sized cooked on stain on one burner. The **Bar Keepers Friend multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner **removed the stain with no problem, but the problem came *after* I let the product dry. It just didn't want to come off. I finally used a *damp* cloth to get the product off of the stovetop. The stovetop was clean and shiny. I mentioned the frustration to my husband and in his normal fashion, said, "Did you read the directions?" argh! I wanted to prove to him that it was the product's fault, not mine. Afterall, the other products were applied in the same manner. I picked up the bottle and there, in blue and white, clear as day, it said, "Squeeze a small amount on surface or damp sponge or cloth. Rub gently, *rinse* and wipe with a clean, soft cloth." Isn't it amazing how one little word can change things? Since reading the directions, I have used the product several times with great success. I have also tried it on my old porcelain sink. It works on it as well.  The **Bar Keepers Friend multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner **is:**** - Safe for all radiant and halogen glass, ceramic cooktops, and glass cookware - Gently removes food residue, stains and fingerprints without scratching - Specially formulated for smooth top stoves, but can be sued on other surfaces - Ammonia and silicone free; cleans and polishes - Food-safe formula  

Northern, FL


Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner

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