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frozen beef patties
Ball Park
Ball Park Flamed Grill Beef Patty

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The best precooked frozen burger I ever tasted. Better than fast food at fraction of the cost. Ready in less than 2 minutes. We like the regular and add our own slice of cheese, tomato and onion. We keep several bags in the freezer all the time, can't get enough.Please do not discontinue these treasures.



Deliciously wonderful!


I've been waiting for someone to put a pre-cooked frozen hamburger patty on the market and when I saw the TV commercial for such from Ball Park I just about ran out to try it. I bought a bag and they are extraordinarily delicious! I made a patty for everyone in the family and each person raved about how good they are. Needless to say one bag of six patties wasn't enough. So went back out and bought four more bags. You get six frozen, pre-cooked hamburger patties in each bag. You place them in a microwave oven and heat at 60 to 75 seconds on high. That's another thing I like about them. You have a delicious, good-tasting grilled hamburger in about a minute and it doesn't taste frozen at all. Each patty is a generous size and sometimes I don't even use mustard or ketchup. They have that much flavor. So far there are three varieties of frozen hamburger patties that Ball Park offers. Regular, onion and cheese. I don't like onions on my hamburger patties but I bought a bag of the patties with the onions and they were a hit too with the family. I am going to be trying the patties with cheese next but don't know if I will like them as much. I never cared much for Ball Park wieners but these hamburger patties are so delicious that I am going to try their hot dogs again. I just hope Ball Park never decides to discontinues their hamburger patties. I can't get enough of them!

Los Angeles, CA


Ball Park Flamed Grill Beef Patty

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