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Badger Basket
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Badger Basket Elegance Bassinet

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cutest bassinet ever


I bought this Badger Basket when my daughter was just a month old. It is great for putting her in when she goes to sleep and i love the design of this bassinet as well. When I bought this, it came equipped with a mattress pad, bedding, and a canopy. It looks very cute in her nursery, and it is also easy for me to transfer from room to room in my house. The mattress on this bassinet is very soft and good for a comfortable sleep. The bassinet itself is a round shape, and the inside where my daughter sleeps is rooms enough for her to move around as she wishes. The bassinet is very strong and it is made of wood.The bars on the sides of the bassinet are safe and I do not have to worry about my daughter's head getting stuck in them because there is a bumper that is shielding the bars from my baby. This bassinet also has wheels on it so that I can move it smoothly across the carpet or hardwood floors of my home. At the bottom of the bassinet there is a handy shelf where I can store extra blankets for my daughter to use.

Hartford, CT


It's the Perfect Princess Bed


When my daughter was a newborn she stayed in her bassinet more than anything and it was perfect for her. It was the perfect size and very cozy inside because of its shape. I would recommend this product to anyone with a newborn boy or girl

Jefferson, NC


Badger Basket Elegance Bassinet

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