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Back to Basics Signature Blender Smoothie Maker

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Ok for mixing my Oatmeal Smoothies


I received this as a gift. I did not use it for several years but have just recently started using it a good bit to do shakes for the morning. Overall it does a pretty good job, but it is not that powerful. Blending ice seems like it might just break. I have done a few pieces at a time and it manages well. I love mine came with two pitchers so I can make two different type drinks and store in the fridge for the week. They are hard to clean around the blade and in the spout if something sit for too long. I like the idea of the pour spigots but they don't work as well as I'd like for what I make. Blending Power I end up chopping my oatmeal for my smoothies in my food processor b/c it won't work well enough in the blender. Versatility I end up chopping my oatmeal for my smoothies in my food processor b/c it won't work well enough in the blender. Ease of Cleaning Very hard to clean around blades and spout Ease of Use It's very simple to use Design I like the black color it looks good with my other appliances Durability I have had it many years and no broken parts



Back to Basics Smoothie Maker works for us


We received this smoothie machine as a wedding present and tend to use in during the summers for fruit smoothies. I like to blend frozen strawberries, blueberries, and banannas up to make cool treats for my family. There is a pulse and speed dial on the side to blend everything up. There is also a dispenser to pour the mixture directly into cups. My toddlers really like this function and take turns pushing it down when they get their drinks. I haven't noticed any mold as other reviews have mentioned. I typically fill mine with water and drain it through the little faucet as soon as I am done using it. I will be sure to check for that from now on though. Overall it is a nice machine and saves us money since we can make drinks at home instead of going out to buy one.

Allen, TX


Good blender for your money


First off I love making smoothies with frozen fruit as it lasts longer and easier to prepare.  With that in mind I needed a blender that could chop up giant frozen strawberries which might as well be rocks.  I also make a smoothie everyday, so my review is based on a very used blender (and not one that sits under a cabinet for months at a time without use.) Pros: The motor on this blender is powerful.  It can chop through just about anything with little clogging. I like that there are multiple speeds and that I can adjust to make the perfect smoothie. The spout in the front is also an excellent perk (even if it gets clogged from time to time).  Cons: Like I said above, there are points when the blender seems to not be chopping up anything at all (just spinning through mush while there are chunks untouched).  I think it has to do with the shape (a classic symmetrical riggged blender seems to have that "tornado" effect and works better IMO).  Cleaning is very difficult and you have to be thorough to ensure that you do not get any mold build up. Overall: It's a cost effective blender that will last.  there are minor headaches, but overall a great blender.

Columbus, OH


I've Used This Back to Basics Smoothie Blender for Eight Years


This blender can be used as a smoothie blender or an everyday blender. The main way I use this Back to Basics Smoothie Blender is to make my homemade blended coffee's. More times than not, that is was I like to drink is my homemade blended drinks, as coffee's. There is this smoothie mix I purchase, from time to time, at my local grocery store. They come in two to three fruit flavors and a chocolate flavor, of course. The ones I purchase most are banana and strawberry. Especially when strawberries are in season. Anyway, this Back to Basics Smoothie Blender works like it is supposed to. The only thing you have to remember is cleaning this blender all the way through.  It is a good idea not to clean this in the dishwasher because that is when mold sets in. It's a good ideas to take every piece of this blender apart and clean it my hand, your kitchen basin. Otherwise, mold will form where the motor is and little white bugs will find a new home in the removable plastic rimof the smoothie top. Having a smoother blender also means having more than on speed and this blender has low, medium, high and pulse. Aside from cleaning this blender through and through, so molds will not form, this blender does what it is supposed to do.  

Tracy, CA


Finally, a blender that can keep up with my family's needs


We are serious smoothie fanatics and usually have several smoothies a week, even more in the summertime. We have burned out engines on numerous other blenders and decided to try one with more power. This model has held up to the task and we love it!  It pulverizes ice and all sorts of frozen fruits with incredible ease, creating wonderfully blended smoothies with no residual surprise "chunks" of fruit. The guys in the family refer to it as "a man's power tool". The dispensing spout is a plus for the little ones who can't lift the heavy container to pour.  I love the heavy-duty glass container (rather than less-durable plastic) and appreciate the measurement markings on the side.  My one and only concern with this blender is that the bottom is sometimes hard to get totally clean and dry. We've had this blender for a couple years now and it is still going strong.  I would certainly buy this one again.

Austin, TX


Great for Smoothies or Just Plain Blending


My husband and I bought this Back to Basics Smoothie Blender when we first got married because it was a great price.  It has also turned out to be a pretty decent blender for the price.  It has pulse, off, low/dispense, and high buttons, and it also has lines on the side of the blender cup that tell you how much liquid vs. fruit to add for the smoothies.  This is really helpful because you don't have to measure the liquid and fruit as you are adding...you just fill to the lines.  The blender also has a plastic wand that goes through the top so that you can move it around and break up any ice that gets stuck as you are blending.  This is a great feature that would be helpful in any blender.  This blender cup is made of plastic, which is one of the best features because it isn't too heavy.  One thing that I was concerned about when I purchased this was that the spout out the side of the blender cup would leak, but it keeps in liquid well.  I would recommend this based on the cheaper price...it can't do everything that other blenders can do, but it's does enough!

Colorado Springs, CO


The smoothie maker clogs up and doesnt work


I am in a health food kick so I bought this smoothie maker to make my daily smoothies.  When my Back to Basics smoothie arrived I was so excited to try it out -- I am disappointed - the smoothie make clogs up and the pour spout does not work - it gets clogged too.  Its such a pain to use - makes too much - wish I had gotten a magic bullet maker instead

Herndon, VA


Back to Basics Signature Blender Smoothie Maker

3.3 7