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Back to Basics SPL6ALMOND Smoothie Plus Blender

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Gteat product for the price.


I am overall happy with this blender, as I love to make smoothies, and this blender takes carrots, beets, and ice with no problem. Its great for its low price and has proven stable for me in the past few months that I have used it. Some cheaper blenders can not handle the vegetables and ice like this one can, and therefore stop working. Not this one, it is just as productive as the day I first got it....about 40 smoothies later. Clean up is rather simple, mess seems to wipe right up. The only thing I would say could be better is if the pitcher were made for a more precise pouring of the smoothy when you are in a hurry to pour into a skinny glass. It is fine, though, for the price, it works for me.



horrible blender


the back to basics smoothie plus blender was not a very good choice for me. i wish i had bought a different one. when i went to make a smoothie it didnt grind up ice cubes well at all. there were fruit chunks left all over in it. it was a very loud machine. the smoothie blender was cute and very attractive. but that was the only positive to it. i was very disappointed with this purchase. it was a waste of money. it was also difficult to clean. i felt that there were pieces of food that got stuck in the bottom part even after taking it all apart. if you are just mixing up stuff that doesnt need to be broken apart or crushed up this would work well , but if you plan on making a smooth drink with fruit or ice, this is not the blender for you. i also didnt like that there isnt a pouring spout. it doesnt make it very easy to pour out the contents. i made a huge mess trying to make a smoothie with this blender.



Back to Basics SPL6ALMOND Smoothie Plus Blender

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