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Baby Trend
Baby Trend Sit N Stand LX III Plus Standard Stroller

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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller


Overall a fine product. but for the sake of the review I will point out the things I don't care for. :) Very little storage space underneath, and what little there is is almost impossible to access. Front seat is quite shallow, so a lot of leg hangs over the edge and really doesn't seem very comfortable. Front foot rest fell off long ago. We prefer the jogging size wheels to these smaller ones which seem to get stuck on things. Our toddler is constantly standing up, sitting down, spinning around - we don't need that kind of 'flexibilty'. ;) On the positive side, it folds up nicely, worked with our carseat and was a reasonable price. If I had it to do over, I would actually have skipped a double stroller altogether. Might be necessary for twins, but we could just as easily have worn the little baby with our older child in our single stroller, and now that they're older, the little one could be in the stroller and let the older child walk. :) Design Inadequate storage for two children, let alone one. Safety No issues. Child Comfort Seems a bit uncomfortable, but not terrible I guess. Maneuverability Does better than other 'small wheeled' strollers I've used, but nothing compares to a jogger. Durability Still in pretty good condition, front foot rest has fallen off.



Baby Trend Sit N Stand LX III Plus Standard Stroller

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