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Baby Trend
Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe - Pink

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Great to have when you have a little one.


I'm expecting and I just had to have one of these. With it being a deluxe it's great. It holds way more diapers than the average diaper pale. Just in case you run into a lazy day you don't have to worry about emptying out right away. The design is great and with the handle it's very easy to move around. It is a diaper but the smell tends to be very discreet.



Doesnt keep smells away.


When we registered for this and received it as a gift at our baby shower. I was excited to use it and thought it would work well. I loved the fact that you didn't have to buy special bags for it. This was the main reason i wanted this one. All of the other diaper pails i have found use the high priced bags. The champ use normal grocery store bags or any other bag you can find. They do not lock out smell. It is more trouble than it is worth in my opinion. You have to get the bag in just right or the diapers will miss the bag completely and then you have a fun stinky mess to clean up. I am not impressed with the look of the champ either. I did like the fact that they have pink and blue but that is it. I would not recommend this product to friends. It does save money because you don't have to buy special bags but not worth it if you end up not using it. Now we have a diaper champ sitting in the way that never gets used. I am ready to sell it.

Pelzer, SC


Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe - Pink

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