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Baby Lock
Baby Lock Denim Pro II

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Decent Basic sewing machine


I purchased the Babylock Denim Pro II, as I just wanted a basic sewing machine, no bells and whistles. This machine certainly has no bells or whistles, but it is easy to use and handles well. The one problem I have with the babylock Denim Pro is occassionally the bobbin slips and I end up with a mess of thread on the revere side of the fabric. Maybe I just need to have the sewing machine serviced. It is inconvinient when this happens, but it ieasy enough to get started again. The babylock Denim pro has about 20 stitches, basics like straight stitch, zigzag, and variations of these. The one feature I really like about this sewing machine is the buttonhole stitch. It is so easy, it is literally as easy as 1 2 3. I need all the help i Can get when it comes to sewing, so easy is good for me. I bought a 'walking ' foot for the machine, to help when I quilt a quilt. It really helps keep the layers togther, without bunching up or slipping.

Kennesaw, GA


Best Sewing Machine I have owned


This is my 3rd sewing maching but ever since I was a child I have been sewing on many different sewing machine and each of them would work for a while then the tension gets off or some other thing happens to slow the work down. But not with the **Babylock Denim Pro II machine. It works perfectly each time you use it and for as long as you need to use it. **It has made sewing a dream. I wont use any other machine ever again.

Salem, OR


Wonderful sewing machine!


This sewing machine is wonderful and easy to use.  It has great functionality for what I need it for.  It helps me quickly get a sewing project done.  Easy to thread.  It has many different types of stitches to choose from.  It's great for doing just about any type of sewing you need to get done.

Saint Louis, MO


Baby Lock Denim Pro II

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