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Double Strollers
Baby Jogger
Baby Jogger City Classic Double Stroller

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Favorite Stroller!!


I bought this stroller to seat a newborn and a 2 year old. This was one of my favorite strollers by far. The seats reclined all the way so the baby could lay flat. Very easy to maneuver, very smooth ride, very comfortable while running/walking. This stroller is amazing.



Big, but very easy to maneuver


We bought this when my son was born. We paid more than I would normally pay for a stroller, but I wanted something that would work for us for a long time. This stroller is big and very comfortable for the kids. When my son was very small, I did need the infant cushion insert thing to make him more comfortable in the big seat. It's extremely easy to push, really seems to push itself, and it's easy to fit through doors. For me, it's too big to take into stores. My kids are bigger now and we don't take a stroller with us on everyday errands, but when I did I found this one got in the way and I eventually ended up carrying my son in a chest pack and using a smaller stroller for my daughter. This stroller is awesome for walks, Disneyland trips, etc. Even now, my kids being 5 and 3, they it in it well and it still seems to push itself. When it's folded (it takes a little practice to fold and unfold easily) it is still quiet large, but it does fit fine in the trunk of my Accord. Now, three years later, we don't use it much and never really did, but I'm still glad we bought it.

Las Vegas, NV


Baby Jogger Double Stroller - This is THE ONE!


I needed a stroller to jog around town with an infant and a toddler.  Having used cheaper jogging strollers in the past I was determined to pay a bit more and "bite the bullet" so to speak to get one worth it's weight.  Well this one did it!  A smooth ride is had by all...the seats are individually adjustable (baby can sleep while toddler looks around)...canopies are also individually adjustable...and despite it's large size it folds up easily and fits in the back of my van no problem.  If you have a smaller space, the front wheel is removeable as well.  I'm not sure there is anything I would change about this stroller if I had the chance and it's definitely worth it's cost.  I think I'll keep this one around for many years to come!  I also washed the entire thing once and found everything easily removable.  Threw it all in the washer and it came out looking brand new again.  Baby Jogger, I'll never go back! 

Mcallen, TX


Baby Jogger City Classic Double Stroller

5.0 3