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Baby Ganics
Baby Ganics Thick n' Kleen

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Thick material and cleans great


I really enjoy using Baby Ganics products because they don't use any toxic ingredients in their products and they have such a wide range of products to choose from. I was looking for some new baby wipes and I discovered the Baby Ganics Thick n' Kleen baby wipes. The Baby Ganics Thick n' Kleen baby wipes are non-scented and they do not contain any unhealthy ingredients like parabens and SLS which can seep into a baby's skin. The non-scented version truly is non-scented but it does smell refreshingly clean. Also the wipes are big enough to wipe a few times and they are ultra soft.  The Baby Ganics Thick n' Kleen baby wipes come in individual sizes with a lid that's easy to open and close as well as a travel size and an economical value size so you can get more. I really like the fact that it comes with a lid because I personally hate it when wipes dry out too quickly. I would definitely recommend the Baby Ganics Thick n' Kleep baby wipes if you're looking for a wipe that's safe on a baby's skin and doesn't contain alcohol or unncessary ingredients.

Yorba Linda, CA


BabyGanics make a great wipe


BabyGanics wipes are naturally safe and gentle with no chlorine, no parabens, and no toxins. They are super gentle, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. I love the ultra snsitive wipes as they are fragrance free which was really important to me. I've tried several natural wipes and these are by far the best. They are much thicker than others I've tried and are a nice size too. These are not flushable wipes, but traditional baby wipes. The wipes contain skin conditioners to nourish the skin as well as clean it. They work great to clean baby's delicate skin. Only one or two will get most jobs done, whereas other wipes you would use many more to get baby clean. The smaller, 40 count, packages are great for diaper bags and the larger package nice for home use. The larger package has a hard plastic cover around the opening so that it doesn't rip and the wipes do not dry out. I would definately recommend these wipes.

Saint Louis, MO


Baby Ganics Thick n' Kleen

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