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Baby Ganics
Baby Ganics The Grime Fighter

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Baby Ganics Grime Fighter...cleans GREAT!


I absolutely LOVE the Baby Ganics grime fighter!! Their product line is naturally non toxic and fragrance free. This all purpose household cleaner really amazed me. I read the small list of natural ingredients and was very skeptical. Fortunatlely for me and my stick messes, it worked GREAT! No more scrubbing and no more harsh chemicals for me. I can now allow my little ones to work along side me and clean too...without fear of them inhaling or ingesting harsh and dangerous chemicals. It has been extra helpful with high chair messes, counter tops, kitchen tables, and cabinets. Even my husband was impressed. He didn't believe it would work so well when he had read the ingredients. I highly recommend giving this a try.

Shelby, OH


This worked so well


I was very impressed with this gentle cleaner. I usually am skeptical about green products because I feel like they take away some of the products power when trying to make things green. Not this product. My baby has a habit of getting his food everywhere no matter how hard you try to stop him. It's like a special talent. I was not convinced that this was going to be a good cleaner and I doubted it even though it was highly recommended by a good friend. Boy was I wrong. The cleaner was so gentle that it gave off no odor & dried up food wiped away with ease. I began using it on his toys and play area. I am much more excited to use it over the bleach & water mix I was using before. I was always worried that it wasn't diluted enough or worse diluted too much. This makes s my life so much easier. I am so happy I found it. I probably will be using this product long after my little monster has grown up because I am so happy with the results.  

Brooklyn, NY


cleans pretty much anything


When I found the company Baby Ganics I was excited to learn that not only do they carry a wide range of products for the home and children, but that there products do not contain toxic chemicals that can potentially harm us and the environment. I wanted to try their cleaning products since I've already tried some of  their baby products so I chose the Baby Ganics The Grime Fighter since it's all purpose and it has such a cute name too. I personally like using all-purpose cleaners because I don't have to use a bunch of different cleaners to clean stuff with. It's space consuming, costly, and not necessarily good for the planet. All-purpose cleaners does what it says- it cleans a multiple range of things in your house, car, or anyplace else. Baby Ganics' The Grime Fighter comes in a nice big size and I chose the lavendar scent because it's a soothing and calming scent. It's not a very heavy scent either and if you want that "clean" scent found in most other conventional cleaners, you'll still get that freshly-cleaned smell afterwards. The Baby Ganics The Grime Fighter comes in a trigger bottle and the bottle doesn't leak at the nozzle as I find certain other brands will. I would definitely recommend the Grime Fighter if you're looking for a natural cleaner that cleans pretty much anything. I use it to clean the floors, the dining table, my son's stuff, our tv, and practically anything else.

Yorba Linda, CA


Baby Ganics The Grime Fighter

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