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BISSELL Rewind PowerHelix, Teal 81L2T


The Bissell Rewind PowerHelix and its unique Helix Dirt Separation System captures dirt and other debris for even greater performance, whether you're cleaning carpets or bare floors. It does this by using the internal ribs incorporated into the Easy Empty Dirt Container to force large dirt particles, dust and other debris down to the bottom of the tank, where they belong. This helps to protect the motor and extends life of filters so the vacuum works more effectively, longer. The Helix System, combined with the auto cord rewind for easy storage, makes for powerful and convenient cleaning.

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A good vacuum


This is a pretty good vacuum. It cleans my floors so I have no complaints. Maneuverability It may look a little bulky but it is super easy to move. I don't have any trouble getting my carpets clean. It is a little difficult to get into corners but I can pull out the hose for that and it takes care of it. Ease of Maintenance I've had my Bissel vacuum for a few months now and so far it hasn't had any issues. This is a little surprising. I have three dogs and I am constantly sweeping up the hair they shed all over my house. Most vacuums clog up from all of the hair but the Bissel keeps going like a champ. I've never had a vauum not get clogged up from all of the hair in my house. Suction Performance This thing seriously picks up everything. I am totally comfortable letting my infant nephew roll around on the carpet after I've swept with the Bissel. After the first day of using my carpet looked like it had been replaced. I had no clue that my old vacuum had left so much disgusting crud sitting in the fibers. This thing doesn't leave anything behind. Design I often wish this vacuum was a little lighter. I have carpeted stairs and dragging a heavy vacuum over them isn't exactly fun.



Okay if you have nothing else, but NOT PREFERABLE!


It is good in a bind, but the hose has NO suction AT ALL. You have to clean the filter EVERY single time you use it, or it gets clogged and has no suction anywhere...hose or otherwise. The same is true for the Bissell PowerForce Compact Bagless as well. Ease of Maintenance Have to clean the filter every time you use it or you lose all suction. Suction Performance Floor power is 'OKAY', but there is NO suction through the hose. Durability It is very cheaply made. Definitely not made to last very long AT ALL.

Jal, NM


Effective, cost efficient, lightweight!


This vacuum is a lightweight, easy to use, quickly gets the job done and is VERY easy to clean. The bagless system means no need for those costly replacement bags, the filters are relatively cheap and some of them can even be cleaned for multiple use. Definitely a great one to keep around for everyday use!

Fayetteville, OH


A good product at a good price.


It works very well, and isn't very expensive. Maneuverability It's not very heavy, and so it's easy to move around and clean. Ease of Maintenance It seems easy to maintain so far. Suction Performance It cleans so well, you go over it once, and you never have to repeat. Versatility It isn't anything fancy as far as attachments for steps, etc. Design Very easy to use and to clean the filters and the canister. Durability It seems like a well made product so far.

Uniontown, PA


BISSELL Rewind PowerHelix, Teal 81L2T

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