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Azur Advanced Pro-Cellular Sunscreen

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Azur is the worst!


Of all the sunscreens I have tried, Azur is the worst! It is heavy, chalky, and leaves a distinctly unpleasant film when rubbed in)!  You cannot apply makeup over Azur and it remains visible on the skin, so you wont want it on your face unless you dont mind swaths of white on your face. The product is advertised as a healthy product and that it is a natural product. I dont know how companies can lie in their advertising like this but while Azur contains one or two natural ingredients, most of the ingredients are synthetic chemicals. I am a lab tech and I took a few minutes to research each of these compounds and was suprised to find that many were considered toxic and carcinogenic! There are even some that are banned in other countries due to their risk in humans. Azur contains nano-particles and nano-titanium to be specific. Nano titanium is suspected in a whole host of health problems and is under investigation by the FDA right now. Consumer guides actually began testing of sunscreens this year for nano particles because the link to health problems is so strong. Azur is one of those companies that has taken some cheap product and tried to re-invent it as a "Natural" product to be able to sell it to gullable health consciuos people. Shame! Run dont walk from Azur. It was bad enough that I was disappointed in the performance of the product but that doesnt compare to the ingredient list - that scared me. **Here are the ingredients that concerned me**: **CYCLOPENTASILOXANE - (Azur's biggest ingredient after water) - **One or more animal studies show endocrine disruption at moderate doses - Persistent, bioaccumulative in wildlife **PHENOXYETHANOL- Use restricted in cosmetics- endocrine disruptor and shows sense organ effects at low doses, Cancer risk** **TOCOPHERYL ACETATE** - Human skin toxicant - strong evidence - One or more in vitro tests on mammalian cells show positive mutation results - (endocrine disruptor) **HEXYLENE GLYCOL-**Known human immune system toxicant   **OCTYLDODECANOL- **One or more animal studies show sense organ effects at moderate doses - Human irritant - strong evidence  **Nano Particles** -  Azur uses nano-Titanium Dioxide. The Environmental Working Group gives it a hazard rating of 10 (its most hazardous rating)

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Azur Advanced Pro-Cellular Sunscreen

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