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Avon PERSONAL MATCH Ideal Shade Makeup

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Personal Match Makeup Matches Perfectly!


I received this foundation as a present for my birthday a few years ago. I have extremely pale skin, so it can sometimes be difficult to match my skin tone to makeup. I also have freckles, so that can make matching the color to my skin even harder. I tried the lightest shade of Avon's Personal Match foundation, and it turned out to match perfectly. I am so pleased with this product. I have been using it now for about three years and don't think I could ever switch. I had never worn any time of makeup on my face consistently before this product. Every type I had tried before felt too heavy and thick on my skin. I love that this product can match the color of my skin tone without having to completely cover it up and cake the makeup on. I absolutely love that this product has some SPF in it. It can be difficult finding a good foundation with sunscreen incorporated within. I am really grateful to not have to wear sunscreen in addition to my foundation.



Here's the "IN" on this product.


Okay.  For those who need the "411" on foundation. Foundation is just that, a "foundation" to place your colors on.  Like a primer for wall paint.  Depending on what kind of foundation you prefer, will depend on what kind you purchase.  For a barely there look, you would choose something that will say "Sheer" or "Light" coverage.  For a more advanced covering, you would choose something that may say "Medium to Full" coverage.    FIRST, be sure to read the excerpts about what the product was designed to do.  If the product is listed as "sheer" coverage it is made to set a foundation for you to lay your colors on, while still showing your natural skin.  It will NOT hide imperfections.  It will, however, help to even out your skin tones.  (We have a base skin color and then an undertone.  Sometimes these undertones show through in certain areas, making our skin look uneven in color.) If you have freckles, sun spots or moles, you will have a difficult time finding a foundation to hide these imperfections **completely**.  You may want to consider a skin care product that is designed to help lighten those spots or have them removed professionally.  I have freckles and I love them.  However, I am not keen on getting sunspots--which are different.  In the future, when I do start to get dark spots on my face, I may want to consider Avon's ANEW Alternative Photo Radiance.  It's objective is to help minimize the appearance of these sunspots. If you want something that will hide imperfections, then you should choose a foundation that has a full coverage.  Remember, it is nearly impossible to hide a perfection completely.  It will, fortunately, help the matter.  In this case you may want to use a concealer to hide specific spots.  Its design is different in that of a foundation.  Its job is to cover-up.  It will help hide dark circles and more.  The coloring of a concealer is different as well, so you'll typically want to use a concealer that is a shade lighter than the foundation you are using.  This will help the overlay of the foundation to blend with the underlying concealer.  ...and please, DO NOT PUT MAKE-UP TOO CLOSE TO YOUR EYE.  Anything that gets in your eye can make them burn, especially those that contain anti-aging ingredients or an SPF. For more personalized information, visit my website and use the "contact me" link.  I'd be happy to guide you in your make-up needs.       

Buckfield, ME


More like a tint than a makeup


I bought this Avon Personal match makeup about 2 weeks ago ,On the up side it does go on smoothly . on the down side it looked like I put on a tinted moisturizer not a makeup. At my age and with my freckles I like a foundation to cover well I can't say this one did . However to be fair ,if you are looking for the least amount of coverage you can get in something advertised as foundation than you may like it . It has good SFP so it does protect , the matching technology seems to be OK I use ivory and It blends to Ivory ,but If I still can clearly see my freckles after applying its not for me .I also found that if it got to close to my eyes it burned quite a bit and made them water . Personally I think this would be a good foundation for younger women because they have less imperfections to cover . So if you have age spots or freckles to cover, you may want to pass this one up .

Palm Coast, FL


Avon PERSONAL MATCH Ideal Shade Makeup

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