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Avon Winter Rose Bubble Bath

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A rose scent that doesn't give me nightmares. Thanks, Avon!


***Quick View:*** I love bubble baths, totally adore them. I hate roses. Well, I don't hate real ones during happy times but rose scents often make me gag. So imagine my disappointment when a family member presented me with **Avon Winter Rose Bubble Bath**. But there's a happy ending. I kind of like this stuff. Not for every bath, but now and then, it's a relaxing fragrance that isn't TOO funeral home smelling. ***My Take on Avon Winter Rose Bubble Bath*** The bottle I was given is 24 ounces. I was thinking what on earth I would do with 24 hours of ROSE scented stuff when I looked at it. However, the packaging is quaint and I do know that Avon's bubble bath formula is pretty good. I get a lot of bubbles from it and I don't have any skin issues when I use it. I did take a whiff of the bubble bath and it wasn't as bad as I expected. It has a soft scent not an in your face fake rose scent. That encouraged me to actually try the bubble bath. I had no idea what the bath water would smell like when I poured** Avon Winter Rose Bubble Bath** into it. It's funny because the smell of real roses always refreshes me - as long as they aren't in a funeral home. I guess I have a psychological block or something. I have zero products with a rose scent except for the extraordinary [Benefit Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip and Cheek Stain][1] . I would rather it not be there but love the product too much to abandon it due to the scent which actually is pretty now that I am used to it. ANYWAY, as my bath filled up and the bubbles started to form, I didn't smell the dreadful rose scent I expected. I did smell a subtle fragrance but it was just that, subtle. The rose scent smelled a lot like Benetint which I have come to actually associate with happiness. Again with the psychology behind the whole rose scent issue. Long story short, I got a huge tub load of bubbles that smelled subtly like rose but not "funeral home" rose. Like a fresh, wintery rose scent that not only could I tolerate but that I enjoyed. I wouldn't want to use** Avon Winter Rose Bubble Bath** constantly but it is a refreshing change from all my usual scents. The bubbles are awesome and last the whole bath which can go on for a long time if I am reading or listening to music and relaxing. Would I buy this bubble bath myself? Probably not because there are many other fragrances out there that don't have a psychological impact on me but I will use the bottle and, if someone decided to give me another, I would use that too. I love the bubbles and I actually think the scent is relaxing and it doesn't bring back memories of things I would rather not think about when trying to relax. ***My Viewpoint*** If you like rose scents, I absolutely encourage you to try **Avon Winter Rose Bubble Bath**. If you're on the fence, trust me, if I thought for a second that the rose scent smelled weird or overwhelming, I would have thrown the stuff out immediately. The bubbles are great and long lasting and the scent is subtle and warm. Almost sexy but I hesitate to go THAT far. I will go with ***4 stars*** for the effectiveness of the bubble bath and because I didn't have nightmares after inhaling the rose scent that I apparently have a like/hate relationship with. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/BeneFit-Benetint-Rose-Tinted-Lip-amp-Cheek-Stain-review-9311 Effectiveness Lots of fluffy bubbles. Scent I am not a rose lover but this scent nice and relaxing. If you like rose scents, you will probably love this one.

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Avon Winter Rose Bubble Bath

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