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Avon Clearskin Professional Clear Pore Thermal Mask

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Leaves skin feeling smooth, clean, and fresh


This product was very easy to apply, the time to let it sink in is quick (I leave it on for about 7 or 8 minutes), and it made my skin feel fresh and clean immediately after use! After I applied it, I sat there occasionally feeling my cheeks (which probably isn't the best for acne treatment, but oh well) because I wasn't used to them feeling as smooth as they do. However, a side note: My eyes stung a bit after my second application, but it hasn't happened since. I assume I just got some in my eye, but be cautious. Effectiveness Leaves skin feeling smooth, and I noticed my face looks smoother as well. Ease of Application All the application is is making sure its rubbed in nicely, leaving it on for a few minutes to thoroughly clean your pores, and washing it away. Very easy! Side Effects As I stated before, my eyes felt stingy after the second use, but I think my own clumsiness was to blame. However, I would be cautious, especially if you've shown reactions to skin treatment products before.



Not a great product after all


I quit using Proactiv cause it was very PRICEY and I couldn't afford it anymore, that was 3 years ago, so then I started to buy Avon Clearskin Professional Clear Pore Thermal Mask. Last year my face started to get a LOT of pimples and I kept using it and It got worse. I went to the Doctors and found out i have Rosacea, a skin condition. I found out from my dermatologist that there are many triggers and Acne treatments do cause it. For me it's not a great product. For others it may.

Westminster, CO


Avon Clearskin Professional Clear Pore Thermal Mask

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