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Avermedia Avertv Hybrid Volar Max Tv Tuner Kit for Windows MTVHVMXSK

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I ordered the so called Windows Starter Kit version of the AverTV #MTVHVMXSK tuner for PC's.Apart from the tuner itself, the box contains a USB extension cable and a very brief instruction manual. Installation was simplicity itself. Connect the cable TV wire and plug in to an available USB port. Just as advertised, my PC recognized the tuner and started driver installation. Once that was completed, I went to Windows Media Center and went through that configuration process. I could wish that Microsoft made things as easy for users as AverTV did but in any event, in no time I was enjoying clear crIsp TV plus access to a much better program guide than I had before. I had just one issue. I did not have a wide screen picture so I contacted AverTV to get that resolved. It took a bit of time because I am not so computer literate as those engineers but it was not a device problem. It was a set up issue in Media Center. Like I said, Microsoft could learn from AverTV. They were just super in helping me through that problem. I am not using the device with a remote control so cannot comment on it's performance in that respect. My usage pattern is compatible with using the keyboard for channel selection but others may want the added convenience of a remote.

Macon, GA


Avermedia Avertv Hybrid Volar Max Tv Tuner Kit for Windows MTVHVMXSK

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