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Avelox 400 mg

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Read reviews maybe highly toxic to your system.


My doctor prescribed this for chest infection about 4 years ago. I thought I was going to die. I had fluids coming out of both ends. Couldn't stay away from bathroom. Lost 22lbs in 3 days. To me this was a poison. There are other products that do the same that are less risky.



Despite The Negative Feedback, This Worked For Me


Like clockwork, you can always count on me getting a cold at least twice a year.  Blame it on the ever-changing, whimsical Indiana weather - where one day it's 90 and humid and the next day, it's 65 and mild. About eight weeks ago, whatever comes into bloom, came into bloom and I started my usual sneezing fits.  I popped my usual **Claritin** tablet (10 mg) and that seemed to take care of it.  One thing though - I wasn't consistent - and on top of that, I was working too much, running myself down, and just not taking care of myself as I should have been. The dreaded sinus infection set in.  ***I absolutely hate getting a sinus infection*** because when I do, it practically paralyzes me. When it came on (like a mack truck), I was prescribed my usual Z-pack.  Most of the time, that does the trick and while it made a dent in my issues, three weeks later, I found myself feeling even worse than before. The second round of antibiotics I was prescribed was something new to me - **Avelox**.  Made by the **Bayer Corporation**, it's supposed to be an advanced antibiotic which is specifically prescribed for sinusitis and bronchitis.  Most individuals aren't prescribed this as their first antibiotic.  It's usually the second one you're given after the first one fails to clear up your infection.  I was prescribed 400 mg, 1 time a day for 14 days. Now usually, I'm one to read up on an antibiotic or any other new prescription drug (to me) before I take it.  In this case, I was feeling so horrible that I didn't take the time.  I trusted my nurse practitioner of ten years - and after reading about the general side effects, I took my 400 mg pill and went to sleep. Side Effects The first and second time I took it, I did notice a metalic aftertaste and a bit of nausea.  On the third day, I was a bit dizzy and to my surprise, it made me incredibly sleepy.  After that, I experienced no side effects. Effectiveness *"It rapidly penetrates to the site of infection in the sinus tissue and kills common bacteria involved in acute bacterial sinusitis."*  Right away - I could tell a difference (although this was not a miracle, overnight cure).  I still ran a slight fever for about three days and I didn't feel like doing much (which is typical).  By day six, I did feel closer to my usual self. Sidenote After I had completed my 14 day round, I did take the time to do a search on the net to see what other people's reactions were.  Unfortunately, there was a LOT of negativity associated to **Avelox** and many people who posted had severe side-effects.   They seemed to be neurological in nature (severe headaches, major dizziness and disorientation) which is why I highly recommend - before taking **Avelox** - that you look into other alternatives.  If you're resistant to many antibiotics or have tried others (without success) to rid yourself of your infection, **Avelox** may be the right one for you.  

Fishers, IN


Avelox saved my sanity!!! And cured my 2 week misery of pain


I have taken Avelox, so far, for 2 days - and NO SIDE EFFECTS! In fact, I FINALLY feel normal & healthy again (I wanted to die of flu symptoms that I had for over 2 weeks!!!) before I took Avelox. I took Amoxicilan for 8 days (prior to Avelox), which did NOTHING! I went to my doctor, desperate, and he prescribed me 5 days of Avelox. I have taken 2, no side effects, and FINALLY FINALLY feel well again. I was sick for OVER 2 weeks, flu, SEVERE body aches, SEVERE sore throat/majorly swollen glands on right side of neck, SEVERE earache right side, fever, headache - MISERABLE! AVELOX FIXED ME!!!! THANK you DR!!!!! THANK you AVELOX! Just educate yourself on precautions!!!!! There are many things you need to do (take in AM, don't take with certain meds, etc). READ UP!!!!!! We need to be aware, as patients!

Laguna Niguel, CA


Avelox,the new Kid on the block!


Ave-lox, the new Kid on the block,....After felling ill with a sore throat that seems to be getting worst, I went to see my PCP...He immediately took a throat swab and rushed it off to the lab for analysis...At the same time, he handed me some pills with the name Ave-lox written on the package...He said start on this while we wait on the results of the lab test.  After viewing my throat and identifying a possible bacterial infection he wanted me on something that he knew was quick and effective,  Ave-lox...I had never heard of it , probably because I usually don't get infections.  Normally, pretty healthy old chap...Not the tough as nails guy but normally pretty healthy...***This Ave-lox after the first dosage I knew help was on the way,   The second day proof was in the pudding....I was only on it for 5 days and in my case what was sever turn out to be no match for this Ave-lox pill***.  400mg once daily at the same time each day was the trick... Plenty of cold crushed ice also help with the sever sore throat burning and irritation,  Over all I would highly recommend this medication for sever sore throats and flu like symptom's... oh yes, the throat swab turn out to be just bacterial and not strep throat...Another blessing from above depending on your belief,,,,Thanks for listeningDveeus

Kansas City, MO


Avelox 400 mg hit the infection like a ton of bricks! Great job


Avelox 400 mg seems to be the answer to this Super Bug!  Never has a person been brought so low so quickly in the past.  Yucky Mr. Drip is hightailing it out of town and peace is being restored to my nasal sinus areas.  Yeah for the new guy, Avelox 400!

Glen Burnie, MD


Avelox 400 mg

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