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Aveda Madder Root Conditioner

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Keep your copper,rev up your red with this great conditioner!


Well worth the money for this product; extends the life of your color and probably the best color depositing conditioner on the market. The smell is that Aveda plant essence that people either love or hate; I love it and have for a number of years. I have fairly long hair and a bottle will last me 4-6 months. Effectiveness Some color depositing conditioners stain the scalp or look pinkish (for the reds) and this one does not. I find that using it no more than 1-2 times per week keeps my color looking fresh and healthy. Scent As I stated before,the scent is the plant essence sent that you either love or hate. It is not overpowering,rather I find it welcome.

Lakeland, FL


Great overall conditioner that softens and has a fabulous smell!


Aveda !  Great products in general.  But this conditioner is special.  Red hair is the new thing, isn't it? Well this product will maintain your red color so visits to the salon are decreased. The smell of this product is outstanding and very unique. This conditioner not only prolongs coloring, it creates softness and is not so heavy that it leaves a residue or that feeling that you didn't rinse it all out.  Who should you tell this about? Anybody that has to visit the salon often for red color "pick me ups". Anyone that likes to have compliments on their hair smelling great!  Somebody that likes to try new products and sick of the same old stuff.  Great for gifts at Christmas!  Aveda is addictive!

Fairfax, VA


fabulous color


I love the way my hair looks when I use this conditioner. It gives a nice shine with just a hint of red without being brassy or artificial. I also like that it's not too heavy, my hair is fine, so it doesn't weigh it down. I have brown hair so this lets me change my color just a little without being obvious or being permanent.

Broomfield, CO


Great for dyed hair


Conditioning your hair is an essential part of the haircare routine, but many might be reluctant to do it when they have coloring in their hair, for fear of it being washed out sooner. That's a legitimate concern that I hand for a very long time, but hear this! You don't have to be afraid anymore. This conditioner keeps the color in your hair effortlessly and is a nice, light alternative to heavy conditioners that make your hair feel thick and gross. Now, if you're not one who has their hair dyed, it's probably best to choose a different conditioner. This one has a deep red color that can stain things if you're not careful, so make sure to rinse thoroughly. Other than that, enjoy your new moisture loving hair.

Seattle, WA


Aveda Madder Root Conditioner

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