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Avanti RM4551 (4.5 cu. ft.) Refrigerator

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Wow! Talk about durability...


I have had this little refrigerator for 25+ years and it has moved all over with me. Right now it is currently in the family room. On movie night, we never have to miss any of the movie when one of us needs a beverage. We just use it for beverages in reality. In the past I have kept it in my bedroom when I had room mates. It was convenient and I could keep my roomies away from my Pepsi and refrigerated snacks. I am not exactly sure which particular model this is but it looks like it in the picture. Noise Level Used to keep next to my bed. Never noticed any. Interior Organization Functional. Temperature Control In the beginning I would give it a 5 but it is 25+ years old, I don't expect miracles. But it does keep the soda cold. Ease of Cleaning Just remove racks, wipe out. Occasionally need to defrost freezer. Durability Well, obviously the durability is great. I would have never thought or expected to still have this refrigerator to review. Design I really don't use the freezer much except to keep my M&Ms in.

Columbus, OH


Avanti RM4551 (4.5 cu. ft.) Refrigerator

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