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Australian Gold
Australian Gold Continuous Spray w/ Bronzer SPF 15

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Tanning with Gold


This product is the best. I can spray it on, let it dry for a few minutes and then go out in the sun or the water as it is water resistant. It sprays on evenly and smells great. If you do use the kind that you use your hands with, then it is recommended that you wash your hands afterwards as it will leave them looking stained. Effectiveness I wear the Australian Gold tanning spray with bronze action and it is 15spf, so I can go into the sun, the water, or just spray it on to get a great looking tan. It is highly water proof. I don't get the self tanner, I use the one that has a spf level and it works great giving me a bronze tan. Ease of Application I use the spray mist which is very easy to apply even on your back and the back of your legs. It goes on even. You have to wait a few minutes for it to dry before putting on clothes as it will stain. Scent This smells so good, like any suntan lotion. When I put it on at work before I go out walking, someone always comments how it smells like a beach! Longevity During the summer I use this almost everyday and when I do skip a day, you can't even tell.

Livonia, MI


Australian Gold Continuous Spray w/ Bronzer SPF 15

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