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Auralgan Otic Solution

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Prescription Auralgan Otic Solution stops ear aches fast.


My son woke up in the middle of the night on Friday with a very bad ear ache. He was really in a lot of pain, and all I could do for him was give him Ibuprofen for the pain and put a heating pad on his ear. I felt so helpless because I could tell the pain was really intense. There was no way I could wait until Monday for him to see our regular doctor so he went to an Immediate Med the first thing Saturday morning. The doctor said he had Accute Otis Media, which is a fancy way of saying he had an inner ear infection. The doctor prescribed an oral antibiotic for the infection, Prednisone for the swelling, and **Auralgan Otic Solution **ear drops for the pain. The ear drops also help to soften earwax so that it can drain from the ear, and it also helps reduce swelling in the ear. The directions for this medication, as prescribed by the doctor, are to place three drops into the infected ear three times daily as needed for pain. I am so thankful that my son was prescribed Auralgan Otic Solution for his ear pain because it works well and it works quickly. It worked so well that fifteen or twenty minutes after I put the drops in his ear, my son was acting as if he had never been in terrible pain just a short while prior to me applying the ear drops. My son commented to me that his ear felt "gooey" a little while after I gave him these drops, too. That made me feel good because I know that means that the wax that had built up in his ear was beginning to drain. I explained that to my son so that he would stop complaining about the "gooey" feeling in his ear, and he did stop his fussing about it when he realized it was a good thing. All of this occured on Saturday night. It's now Sunday night and I'm happy to report that my son only needed  the ear drops once today for pain, and that was this morning. The antibiotic, Prednisone, and Auralgan Otic Solution was indeed just what the doctor ordered, and I'm glad he did. I am so happy that my son is no longer in such pain, and that he will be able to attend school tomorrow morning. Webmd.com says this about Auralgan Otic Solution: *"This medication is used to relieve pain, congestion, and swelling caused by middle ear inflammation (acute otitis media). This medication is also used to help remove earwax. This product contains 2 main medications. Benzocaine is a topical anesthetic that helps to numb the pain. Antipyrine is an analgesic that helps to decrease the pain and inflammation. This product may also contain glycerin, which helps to soften the earwax, and/or zinc acetate, which helps to protect the skin."* If  you ever have a terrible ear ache and have to go to the doctor because of it, I suggest that you ask him or her for this medication by name. It's a pain relieving, swelling reducing, wax softening solution that works like magic. There is no sense in being in terrible pain when Auralgan Otic Solution is available to stop it.

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Auralgan Otic Solution

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