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Audiovox - PPC-6700 Cell Phone

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It is a very awesome and big phone to have, you should buy one.


I like the phone because you can download so much stuff just like having a small computer to go. The only thing I don't like about it other than it's big is it takes a little long to get to a web page than on a laptop on computer internet. It has a memory card to downlaod your music and files. Like a three in one, A phone, iPod, and a computer in one. Go out and check it out.

Grand Junction, CO


This is the PDA that just about does it all!


I definitely recommend this PDA.  I use it for all of my lists, most of my pictures, music and videos, and all of my appointments and scheduling.  I also use it for work on the go, and the PDA can be used to access your work computer.  The best feature is how it is compatible with all of the third-party software out on the market which I use everyday - money management, games, pocket express, etc.  The phone is great and the viewing screen is nice and big as is the keyboard.  The only downside is the battery life doesn't last long when you're on-line or listening to music or watching video content.  Overall, I would recommend this over any blackberry and Treo device.  It can do everything those can and more.

Chicago, IL


Love Hate Relationship with a Possessed Phone


My work purchased this phone for me so I could use it as a tool in addition to a phone.  This is the second phone I've had since April 2006,  My first phone started auto dialing, when I didn't want it to.  It "ate" headphones and the bluetooth didn't work from the beginning.  The sync didn't work with my computer and the faults go on and on.  The second phone is a bit better, the sync function works well but the sound quality isn't so hot when the bluetooth won't associate and you have to use the bulky phone.  I like the second one a little better, it had a newer operating system and works a little better, although it is starting to autodial again. Time to take it in for repair or replacement again!

Jackson, MI


A Buggy, Completely Average, Mechanical Leash


A few years ago I purchased an **Audiovox PPC-6700** "Smart Phone" to use for surfing the Internet and getting emails while I was off-site at work, or in other locations where I didn't have easy access to a PC. Then I took another job where my employer, in exchange for reimbursing me for my monthly phone charges, set me up with mobile Outlook mail in addition to my phone's other services. So in essence I'm on a mechanical leash with my job, able to read e-mail wherever and whenever on my PPC-6700. **About the PPC-6700**Like many other smart phones, the PPC-6700 runs on the Windows Mobile operating system. It has a unique candybar style form factor, with a slide out keyboard and a stylus in the black antenna well. The PPC-6700 comes with capabilities to browse the Internet, open up documents, and send or receive messages using a combination of the stylus and the keyboard. The phone can be set up to sync with an Exchange server wirelessly, enabling the automatic receipt of email messages, or you can set it up to manually sync using Active Sync with a USB cable to your PC. Unfortunately, due to its form factor, the phone capability of the PPC-6700 is limited and rather "kludgy". If you don't have a bluetooth or other headset for the phone, you end up awkwardly holding the large bar up to your ear, and getting terrible sound quality as a result. The phone's keypad is actually a soft touch keypad on the screen, which makes it more prone to error when you're trying to enter in a phone number. In fact, if there's one thing this gadget isn't very good at, it's being an actual phone. But messaging? That's another matter. Sending and receiving emails on the device using the slide down keyboard is a snap that takes only a little getting used to. Browsing the Internet with the stylus using the included mobile version of Internet Explorer is also easy and intuitive. And because the calendar function of the device syncs automatically with my work calendar, I never miss a meeting, even one that's been scheduled after I turned off my computer at work. The PPC-6700 can be connected to a wireless network so you can browse the Internet "at speed" where available. And when I don't want to be bothered by work phone calls, I can tap on the phone's connections setting and easily "turn off" the telephone so that all calls go directly to voicemail.  **The Flaws**Almost all gadgets have flaws, and the PPC-6700 has its share. The most annoying flaw is the tendency for the device to "spaz" and lose its backlight settings without warning. This happens two or three times a week and leaves me squinting at a dark, non-backlit screen trying to find the power settings so I can reset the backlight setting again. The headset jack on my phone is defective as well. Essentially, any headset plugged into the jack stands a fair chance of working for a few moments before the jack slides a miniscule amount and all sound is completely lost. I ended up purchasing a Bluetooth earpiece after I grew tired of lost connections from the headset jack. Finally, the battery life of the phone has degraded terribly since I purchased it slightly over a year ago. I can't rely on the phone lasting me throughout the workday any longer, so I always make sure to have a USB cable handy so the phone can take an "emergency charge" from the laptop when needed. **Summary**The PPC-6700 is a nice "Smart Phone" but it has its share of bugs and flaws that annoy me to no end. Aside from the bugs, it's greatest drawback is that it doesn't manage to be a very good *telephone. *It's just not highly usable as such, and I find it incredibly inconvenient to place and receive calls on the device. As the world becomes a more high-tech place, people keep looking for the perfect "all-in-one" solution that does everything well. The PPC-6700 isn't that device. If you want perfection, or even just something "above average" my advice is to keep looking.

Charlotte, NC


Audiovox - PPC-6700 Cell Phone

3.5 4