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ATH-SJ1 glasses wearer paradise


Apparently these headphones are more popular in East Asia. I have yet to see anyone else wearing these--should I then not feel unique? Do not be fooled by the price of this item, guys. Even though it is lower than Audio-Technica's other products, these are great casual headphones to add to your collection. Unlike the Sennheiser HD-202, these will block out some sound--over-the-ear quality but not noise-cancellating--and will not strain your ears as much. Glasses wearers rejoice! This will not crush your temples or your glasses' temples. These can be worn comfortably for hours on end. The sound quality is pretty unique. I find that you can't really compare sounds on an objective level without bringing in some type of scientific measuremeants. I'm all about atmosphere and these headphones have a certain atmosphere to them. There is a slight distortion and loudness to vocals and BGM that gives these headphones a kind of reflective feel. If you want to feel as though the singer and band is right in front of you, do not go for these. These are more for the dreamer who is conscious of recalling the past from afar: the sounds have a poignant and distant feel befitting of the past. Now let's get to the objective points and not sound too poetic and lofty. The cord(s) of these headphones feel very fragile; they will knot, and they do not stay straight like the Sennheiser HD-202's ones. Be gentle with these headphones because the quality does not seem to be meant for abuse. On the other hand, they are great for travel. The design allows for easy folding and storage. (Hang it around your neck if you want, but as with all headphones, this makes your neck jut forward if weighed down for a longer times.) These headphones look great on longer and maybe even spikey hair. An aside and subjective thought: Asethetic girls who can wear headphones well will bring out something enticing in them. A very chic and independent look. These headphones are less conspicuous. If you want bigger phones, go for the higher models: ATH-SJ3, ATH-SJ5. I'm done.

Quincy, MA


AudioTechnica -

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