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Attache PNY Technologies USB Flash Drive 128 MB

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PNY Attach? USB Flash Drive - Nothing special but does the job


This PNY Technologies Attaché USB 128 MB Flash Drive is durable and effective.  It does what it's supposed to--saves stuff.  It is shiny silver and see-through turquoise in color.  The see-through turquoise part allows you to see into the micro-chip-ish innards of the drive.  The shiny silver case is actually removable, and the flash drive can be used without it.  The silver case has a tiny hole in the bottom to allow the drive to be hooked onto a key chain or the like.  The silver lid can be used to cover the USB part without requiring the bottom half of the case to be used. It is a rectangular cube in shape, and it's dimensions are roughly 3 x 3/4 x 1/2 inches.  The outside of the drive has a switch which can set the drive to lock or unlock. I've had this several years (probably 3 or more), and I don't recall having any problems when trying to save things to this drive. I have a tendency to lose or forget flash drives.  I'm not sure if that has more to do with me than with this flash drive though...

Little Rock, AR


Attache PNY Technologies USB Flash Drive 128 MB

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