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Asus P501J

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ASUS P501J - An Outstanding Laptop


My first computer was an Asus EeePC, and I loved it. When I eventually came to need a full sized laptop, of course Asus was at the top of my list of preferred brands. I really needed something with at least a 15 inch screen and a lot of memory. And price, of course, was a big consideration. I came across an ad for the Asus P501J at a bargain price during last year's Black Friday sales. Here is what Asus had to say about this model: "The P501J is the latest portable business laptop from ASUS aimed specifically at business professionals. The machine boasts a 15.6-inch HD 16:9 LED-backlit display, an Intel Core 2 Duo T5870 2.0GHz processor, up to 4GB RAM, a 250GB hard drive, a 0.3MP webcam, a DVD burner, a 3-in-1 card reader, Altec Lansing speakers, WiFi and runs on Windows 7 OS." This sounded like all the memory I was likely to need, and I really wanted to try Windows 7, which had just been introduced. Some other features of the P501J are: Inside and outside, it has a matte finish with a raised pattern. Such a nice feel to it, and it will never show any fingerprints! It has a cool-touch handrest. And after using it for a year, it still can run all day without heating up much at all. The speaker isn't that impressive, but it's enough for most uses, and I can plug in external speakers to listen to music. This is an excellent machine, and I'm still a huge Asus fan! Battery Life Battery life isn't such a big consideration to me, as this computer is larger than anything I'd want to lug around outside. But it does seem to run down pretty quickly if I ever do try to use it on battery power. Support & Service I've never really contacted Asus for support, but I've heard they are not the most responsive. Design Not fancy but functional. Durability It's lasted me pretty well (and I've used the hell out of it), but lately has been winking out every couple of days. I've been able to restart it in normal mode, but the other day it went out and hasn't come back on. I'm going to have it checked out soon, but it may be a goner. It has worked very cool all along but has warmed up somewhat recently, though it never got really hot.

Brooklyn, NY


Asus P501J

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