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Asko W6021 Front Load Washer

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We purchased a very expensive Asko washer and dryer. Almost from day one we had problems with the washer. Sometimes it would just not spin all the water out of the clothes. This was random, and it didn't matter how big or small the load was or what the cycle was. This has now gone on for over 2 years. We called the store we bought it from and they sent their repairman. The man has now been out more than 10 times. Some parts on the washer were replaced although no one could seen to figure out what the issue was. NOTHING has worked and we continue to have the problem. In addition to this at times when washing suds and water would pour out of the front of the washer onto our wood floors. Of course the repair service couldn't figure out why that was happening randomly either. During this time Asko/Sub Zero in Wisconsin was contacted several times by the repair man, and in our presence. The poor guy just didn't know what else to do and wanted to let them know about the issues. I personally just had a phone conversation that was insulting and went nowhere. The rep showed absolutely no good faith, and during the call she continually tried to manipulate the conversation and distort the truth in an attempt to try to absolve Asko/Sub zero of having to take responsibility for their obviously defective product. I have never had issues like these with any other washer I have ever owned. It is truly disgusting that this company has ignored the problem and let it go on and on, no matter what we did. We went through channels and did everything they all told us to. Now, we are at the end of our patience, and are going to leave bad reviews about them on every site we can find. We have all our paperwork together and are now considering a lawsuit in small claims court. We cannot afford to let this go. Needless to say we would never do business with this company again or ever recommend them or their products.

New England USA


Asko W6021 Front Load Washer

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