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Ashford University - online programs

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Ashford University Online. Really good school!


The fact that technology has made it simple for us to earn a degree at home is pretty cool. I remember actually going to a campus for class not too long ago. With late public transportation, crowded buses and trains, getting up early to make it to class before time but still maybe being late because others aren't punctual is way too hectic for a college student. Being able to take college courses online is a new way to earn your education. Whether at home or a library with wifi capability, school is at your choice. Where you want it, when you want it and how you want it is up to you! I have recommended Ashford University Online to a couple of buddies of mine already. It's a good idea if you have children or just like the thought of being in control. Just like campus courses you do have to check in and sign on for attendance. Oh and if you don't have a laptop or computer with internet access at home this can be a little challenging. Overall I think this is a good idea for anyone looking to further their education.

Bronx, NY


Unqualified educators and unreachable supervisors


My time here at Ashford has been frequent complaints with nobody to hear them. Multiple instructors are unresponsive to student needs and do not take the time to point you in the right direction. In over a year I have not been able to get ahold of any supervisors as they simple keep changing my academic advisor. Beware of this college as it is a very costly mistake I have undertaken and do not feel adequatley taught in my academics. They offer tuition discounts to military which is the only reason anybody has ever heard of this poor school. I have had to do numerous appeal and complaints but a college level instructor has to much authority. DO NOT attend this school because even if you are right, appealing a bad decision does not work.

Fort Walton Beach, FL


Accounting Undergraduate


I am currently a student at Ashford University Online and loves it!  The people are friendly, and the instructors are very knowledgeable.  Online learning was a new experience, but I have been going there for nearly two years and am 1/3 of the way to graduation with a BA degree in Accounting. 

West Point, MS


Ashford Online Success Offers Questionable Delivery at Best


Education is of vital importance to so many, for a variety of reasons.  Whether we are newly college-bound, supporting our children in their higher learning pursuits or "going back" to school once the kids are grown, success depends upon several factors.  In addition to our own dedication, the commitment to quality offered by any chosen institution has much to do with our personal achievement, *or lack of it*.   I returned to school after a long time off, motivated as much by desire to enjoy my scholastic involvement as by the end result of a degree.  With limited finances, two kids and a very busy schedule, I had to be sure the school I chose  "measured up" to my personal expectations and accommodate my specific needs.  After a month of researching on-line degree programs, I decided on Ashford University.  I had spoken in depth with over half a dozen "recruiters," and the Enrollment Advisor I was assigned was an absolute wealth of information, consistently accessible, and had a "best friend" quality with regard to communicating with me, supportive and helpful with my concerns and interests.  For this front-line position of their sales and marketing efforts, I have to award Ashford an A+. Finding myself generally challenged in the technological aspects involved in an on-line study course, Ashford excelled in their mastery of school/student interface.  And tech support was all it was promised to be, at any hour of the day or night, with a professional and competent staff with all the up-to-date information on any fact or function that challenged me.  Without this availability of help in comprehending specific steps within the overall process, cyber school would have been out of my realm of options.  Staff and cirriculum at Ashford exceeded my expectations.  The actual classroom experience was superb, and I found great flexibility offered with regard to fitting school time into my life in a practical manner.  My class instructor was dedicated, personable and accessible.  The lessons were interesting and well-planned, and effective in their goal of supporting me in learning the material, as well as passing the class.  This aspect of my short enrollment was a greatly fulfilling experience. Ashford's "ball drop" was with their ineffective administrative practices and the particular Academic Advisor I was assigned.  This individual's actions evidenced an apathetic, untimely "ineptness" that was an incongruous contrast to what I had encountered to that point.  Finding this level of inefficiency within such a well-designed overall framework was a surprise and a grave disappointment.  The genuine praise and appreciation I had felt toward this institution turned to discouraged frustration I had not been prepared to find.  All attempts at amicable resolution of this problem on my end were conscienciously implimented.  Sadly, the necessary steps on Ashford's part weren't regarded with quite the importance that existed on mine.  I have since shelved my educational aspirations.  Dreams of bettering my life by obtaining the degree I put on hold during years of commitment to family turned into unfortunate regret.  Instead of preparing to graduate and consider even more steps toward personal achievement through academic pursuits, I am trying to keep proof of my poor choice in schools from being evidenced on my credit report.  I enjoyed and passed the class, and was awarded a fair grade for my efforts.  And then I was effectively ***disregarded ***when it came to making sure critical deadlines were met, those designed to ensure enrollment in subsequent classes, and the much-needed financial assistance I was promised as part of the "Ashford package."  It is unfathomable to me that one individual's incompetence would be allowed to have this degree of impact on anyone's educational career.  And for a well-respected institution to fail in this manner is, in my opinion, inexcusable. 

Adelanto, CA


Ashford University Online-Great place to earn your degree!


     Ashford University is one of the best universities that I have attended for online education.  The staff is extremely helpful in whatever you need to do, to know, or for any challenge that you may have...they will work with you.  The Professors are all great and will help you out in any way possible.  If you become sick, if you do not understand the assignments, if you are submitting an assignment late, they will work with you if you have a ligitimate reason for needing their help!  I am in my fourth class at Ashford and I have loved every aspect of this university so far.  Whether you are attempting to earn your Associates, Bachelor's, Masters, or Doctorial Degree the advisors and Professors are with you all the way in whatever area you might need assistance in.  The Online program is one of the best in the nation and has been accredited as such.  You will truely love doing your classes online in the convience of your own home and at your own pace.  If you need guidance you will receive it here!  Come on and check this University out...you will love what you find out and can do with your academic achievements!  You are never alone once you enter this college atmosphere...you will be hooked on your college studies and will learn so much more, and in less time than going to a brick and mortar facility.  Come join us!!

Fulton, MS


Treat People with Respect


I have to agree with the reviews I read.  They are true.  Ashford University's website is always down.  I also had to submit my assignments several times.  The university's blackboard isn't compatible  with the programs at all.  You have to use the old version in order for it to work.  Ashford does have a special edition of their textbooks. Ashford doesn't know how to conduct business and give a roller coaster ride when it comes to financial aid.  The advisors doesn't correspond with their students at all.  Ashford needs to step up to the plate and get their act together.  I don't believe Ashford University is a scam since they are listed under both the financial aid and accreditation listings.  They are considered to be one of the top ten of universities in the nation.   



Ashford University - online programs

3.0 6