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Ashford University - Organizational Management

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Ashford's Organizational Management program is top notch!


Ashford University offers a BA degree in Organizational Management. The instructors are all top notch with many of them actual small business owners or entrepreneur's themselves. The courses are detailed and in-depth studies of actual businesses and stratagems that are and have been used in their day to day practices. The on-line classrooms have recently been retooled and offer every modern convenience to enhance the learning experience. Classroom discussions are in-depth and cover a wide variety of topics each week. You also are required to write three to ten page research paper each week, these really help you to learn the lessons and retain the learning for later use. The instructorsand teacher's aides are always available twenty-four hours a day through email and respond promptly with assistance. Enrollment and financial aid are a breeze to complete and set up with your own personal enrollment advisor, academic advisor, and financial-advisor. If you are interested in continuing your education, Ashford University is definitly worth taking a look at.

Leland, NC


Attending Ashford University has been a wonderful experience.


With Ashford University's online programs you are able to finish your degree within a short amount of time. You can work toward a degree without disrupting your life. I am in the military and taking classes online is very convenient for my life. I am away from my family alot being out to sea, there is no time for me to take classes with the short amount of time I am at home.  This school is very affordable, they help you with financial aid and see if you qualify for tuition assistance from your employer.  I would recommend Ashford to any working adult looking to further their education.  Online education is the best for those looking for a flexible way to earn a degree.  You complete your assignments when its convenient for you.  In today's job market having a degree is no longer optional.  Taking online classes are not easy, the professors treat you just like the students in an actual classroom. The best thing about taking online classes at Ashford is that the classes are only five weeks long.  Attending Ashford University has been a wonderful experience.

Norfolk, VA


Ashford Univ. will take ALL of your past college credits!


When researching college options, I decided to take online courses through Ashford University.  My decision was based a few major factors; I had LOTS of college credits that most other colleges would not transfer in to use in getting my BA degree -Ashford took transfered them ALL!  The cost of going online is higher than going to the campus -however, Ashford is one of the best priced online degree programs and with them taking all my past college credits I was able to finish my BA in just a hair longer than one year!  So I paid less than Phoenix Univ., transfered ALL my credits, and finished my degree quicker than I would have going else where!  Most of the instructors will go out of their way to help you and once you get into the flow of your first course its easy sailing -as long as you put in the effort!  There is a LOT of reading and writing EVERY week!  I only had a few problems with a few instructors -mostly they were the one's with the PhD's that felt NO ONE knew more than they did -which is just not the case!  There were a few issues with the online tests giving incorrect answers and most of the instructors (except for those PhD one's I spoke of) would go in and make the appropriate corrections if you could reason with them and show proof of the error (that was also a great feature to have the opportunity to do that).  All in all, it is a great accredited University that I would recommend for anyone wanting to obtain a degree!  I am however still paying off that degree and have not found a job yet!

Charlotte, NC


Ashford University - Organizational Management

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