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As Seen on TV
As Seen On TV 6 Second Ab System

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A worthwhile investment in my health


I bought this set during an inspiring infomercial. I have had it for 8 years now and use it for general upper body tone. I think it has been worth it because it is much better than buying a gym membership. I can simply exercise when and how much I want to in the comfort of my own home, and the device can be stored beside my dresser in a small space. The movements are easy and you can set the resistance. I use this device twice a week on days I designate as exercise days. Having a routine and a device like this to do it with make exercise more likely to happen regularly for me, and the benefits to my health show. This is why I call this a worthwhile investment in myself. At my age of 54, my fitness goal of strength training is attainable with this device used twice a week for 30 minutes each. Performance Pretty good. I built up arm and chest strength and trimmed my waist a little, which was nice. but my main goal of keeping up muscle strength has been effectively maintained. Ease of Use Straightforward instructions, but patience is needed because at least for me, my first few attempts were hard because of my need to train up. I began only being able to do a few repetitions, but built up by sticking with it. I know when I have done enough because my muscles start to feel warm. I stop then so that I do not overdo the work. Durability Still good after 8 years. In fact, a second user is now benefiting from this device as well. I gave it to my husband, and he's working out at night with it. Design Very innovative resistance peg system to build strength. It is easy to use with handles for me to grip and a pleasing look overall. It also is easy to store by setting it upright alongside my dresser, and it takes up very little space. If I would change anything, it would be that the interchangeable resistance pegs cannot be stored within the device itself, but are separate, making it easy to lose them or at least misplace them.



6 Second Abs really works


I have used the 6 second abs as seen on tv device for about 7 years now and I swear it works if you are consistent with using it. It is also easy on people who have back problems if you use it correcly. Using 6 second abs is an easy way to tone up or lose some excess fat. It is portable, easy to use, and so compact that you can multi task by bringing it anywhere where you can sit down. I have usually done five sets of 10  while sitting infront of the television. It's a little hard to believe that this small thing will tone you up but if you keep your diet healthy and use this as well each day you'll start to notice a difference. Who doesn't want their stomach to look fabulous? I'm not quite sure how it works for men but I don't believe it would help bulk them up so don't let the commercials fool you. The easiest way to notice a difference is to do at least three sets of 10 crunches with 6 seconds abs as well as eating breakfast, lunch, and a light dinner. Magic doesn't happen in a few days so just give it a try.

Annapolis, MD


it works if you stick with it


Throughout my life I have used many techniques to lose weight, from diet pill to exercise machines to videos. I can say that doing these workouts regularly and the right way WILL help you to lost weight. However with me, I just got kind of bored. But while I stuck with these workouts I did notice a difference in not only my body but also how I felt physically and emotionally. So is this a great way to lose weight? The answer is yes, but only if you stick with it. Some of the exercises are easy and some are not. But if they were all easy then there would be not weight loss. And a good plus is that over 75% (if not all) of the workouts work the core.

Baxter, KY


Not an effective core strength training method.


Equipment like this will not accomplish effective core strength training. Claims made are faulty and misleading. Statements about this equipment promoting "spot reduction" of abdominal fat are entirely false. Read the fine print before you purchase.

Channahon, IL


Another "As seen on TV" scam? No.This works pretty well!


**Quick View:** My "trouble spot" is my abs. I can't do crunches and others similar moves because I have a neck injury that flares up when I use my neck in that manner. I tried the **6 Second Ab System** because it claimed I could replicate a crunch while seated. Sounded silly but I am always willing to take a chance on this stuff. This system actually works! It isn't as effective as actual floor work but definitely has helped me to keep my abs toned. **As Seen on TV! Another Scam?** I saw this on TV as usual and was mesmerized by the idea of doing crunches but not waking up with a blinding headache from an old neck injury. It seemed simple enough and the price was right. I didn't order it from the infomercial. I searched and found the system online at Presents4U.com for a great price. I expected to be disappointed but what the heck? It wouldn't have been the first time. Surprisingly, I wasn't. I actually like this little gadget quite a bit. **The 6 Second Ab System**  This system is really just a plastic "thing" with five levels of resistance up to 55 pounds that you can tailor to your fitness level. You set the thing (See photos) on your lap and grasp the handles pushing them down for the count of three. You will hear three clicks as you do. Then you release for the count of three to another three clicks. Hence the 6 Second Ab name. Three seconds down, three seconds up. Little concentrated movements that hit you right in the gut. The system comes with a DVD with a couple of workouts which are mostly just tutorials. I followed along with the people at first but once I saw the different ways to use the **6 Second AB System**, I was able to easily do each move on my own watching TV or listening to music. There are several ways to do a seated crunch - some isolate the front of the abs, some isolate the sizes, etc. Each move is done to the three click down, three click up tempo and down slowly to maximize the work. There is also an eating guide included which is the usual stuff. I don't follow any of the exercise gadgets' eating guides so I barely looked at it.  Abs can be worked every day because they NEED it and they are so tough to isolate. I used the **6 Second Ab System** daily for about four months and I did see improvement. Not tremendous 6 pack improvement but my muscles ached after and my abs tightened and were more toned. Sure, I could have gotten on the floor and done crunches and probably have seem better results but my neck wouldn't allow it. I now use the system a couple of times a week and I still feel it working. I got my money's worth and I enjoy the exercises. I think beginners who hate crunches and sit ups will enjoy the system and will see some results. This doesn't take the place of other ab work but I think it's a neat little gadget that actually does help people to work those core muscles in the least painful way possible. **My Viewpoint** I like it! I didn't think I would like some plastic gadget that claimed to tone my abs but I do and it does. Like I said, this is not a replacement for other ab work but it is a good add on or beginner ab system that will tighten and tone the abs if done consistently and correctly. Go slow... 1,2,3 down ...1,2,3 up. Do many reps. Feel it fatiguing the ab muscles. If you do all that, I think you will see results. I did. ***I give this a 4 star rating and recommend it***. I like that it grows with you too, in that you can up the resistance as you get stronger.

The heart of , NY


As Seen On TV 6 Second Ab System

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