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As Seen on TV
As Seen On TV

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passive thoughts


When putting together my yearly bath and body gift basket, my sister took the liberty of adding one of these. I actually just recently started using it because sandal weather is right around the corner. I was quite surprised at all it can do! It prevents you from having to bend down to clean your feet, (although, if you really think about it, you still have to bend down to clean your lower leg, go figure!) It also has a some what soothing massaging feel to it. It's bristles are pretty much soft and pliable. It works to exfoliate my feet and has a built in pumice stone for easy removal of callus or dead skin. It attaches to your shower or bathtub floor with suction cups. it is important to make sure that it is entirely fixed and attached well to the floor and that it is not loose or has not been loosened by the body wash or soap you use. Also, over time, the water from the shower seems to affect the texture of the pumice stone. It could cause a slip and fall situation, ( trust me, I know!) Other than that though, it simply is quite convenient for removing dead skin and maintaining clean and healthy feet. Scent not applicable



Suction Cups Don't Hold With Easy Feet


Easy Feet is a fairly new product on the market and is seen on Tv ads. It basicly is a plastic foot made to fit most peoples feet. There is over a 1000 bristles in the base where your foot would slide in to help to clean, and exfoliate the skin and also to massage your feet one at a time. There is only one in a box. They have suction cups on them to help to hold on the floor of your tub but they do not help. The plastic foot will slip and does not grip well. The back of this plastic foot has a pumice stone so you can do your heels. The bristles are not too hard so they won't hurt you but are made to feel good. The top bristles only go over the top of the foot near the toes area so your entire foot is not cleaned. There is a hole near the arch of that Easy Feet to put your liquid soap in. They recommend if you are a diabetic to check with your Doctor before using this product. You should not use this if you have an open wound on any of your feet. This is recommended for Elderly people to only use this when they are in a sitting down position, like on a shower chair for an example. This should not be used by more than one person so you won't be transmitting any type of diseases that a peson could have on their feet. Easy Feet is Made in China. ****I do not recommend this product as it can easy shift or move when you are trying to use it which could result in one falling in the tub if not careful.****

Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


The easy feet is convenient and easy to use!


I am not sure if many of you have heard of this product yet, but I must say, it is an amazing invention. It is funny that something so simple, can be so awesome. It is too bad that I did not post this sooner (mainly because I didn't know that I could post my own ideas for products to review, but hey I figured it out yay for me) because these would have been awesome christmas gifts. They are a slipper like attachment for your shower, you slide your foot into it, apply your favorite soap to it (through the top slots) and then move your foot back and forth in an "in and out" motion. Your foot lathers up and there are brushes on the bottom of this "slipper" and it scrubs your foot for you. No more falling in the shower trying to do the balancing act (you know what I am talking about) and hurting your back bending over to try to clean your feet, and then you STILL don't get the whole foot. This product doesn't only clean your feet but it pampers your feet. If you have worked all day, or if you are a mom just trying to get a break or both, you will want to try the product. If you do let me know what you think. I am sure you will love it.

Corinth, NY


Great foot massager. Not so great foot scrubber.


The As Seen on TV Easy Feet foot scrubber/massager and cleaner isn't such a great cleaner. My husband is a union plumber and is often working in the mud during our rainy season so his boots and feet get quite dirty. I thought the Easy Feet foot scrubber would be perfect for cleaning his feet so that he didn't have to bend over so much. That is not the case. The Easy Feet foot scrubber is like a sandal and is supposed to suction cup to the bottom of the shower. There are plastic bristles on the upper and the lower portion of the "shoe". THere is also a half moon shaped pumice stone on the heel. First off, the thing doesn't suction cup to the shower floor. The suction cups aren't sturdy enough and the "shoe" slides all over. You have to use your other foot or hand to keep it steady. Second, the pumice stone is worthless. It is so small it barely covers your heel. The only good thing about this product is that it does give a great foot massage.

Sycamore, IL


As Seen On TV

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