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Archos 101 Internet Tablet 8GB 10.1" Android Tablet (501590) PC Notebook

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Stay away from this product. Most unreliable.


This product is very unreliable. I am on my 3rd replacement in 6 months. Be aware, once you send the product back for repair/replacement, it can take 4 months or more to get it back- and the customer service tracking is poor to say the least. Ease of Use Not any more difficult to use than any tablet. I miss the functionality of a laptop, but that might just be a learning curve for me. Battery Life Although I have not had a working model long enough to really rate the battery life, it seems satisfactory. Support & Service When you return a product, you are assigned a "tracking" number, however, on both returns, the tracking number always showed that they were waiting for me to ship the product back, when I had done so, and had the insurance and tracking numbers to prove it. They did not have a problem taking the product back, just seemed to loose track of it, once I shipped it. On the first return, it took many emails and phone calls, and it was four months to get a replacement product. This new replacement did not work, right out of the box. The screen touch was defective. Then we started the return process all over again. Speed/Performance no problems with the speed Design Was a bit bulkier than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 I replaced it with Durability Two products- both bad. The original one had a defective on/off switch and the replacement had a defective touch screen. I will never buy an "off-brand" electronic product again. Also, I highly recommend purchasing from a brick and morter store or at least a brand name online store that you trust.

Elburn, IL


I wish they hadn't discontinued this one!


I bought it because it was on clearance. It has a USB accessory port and USB host port, as well as HDMI output and a place for a micro SD card. The tablet may have an "out of date" operating system (Honeycomb), it's stable. I've never had to reset it. In all, it was a really great deal and I wish they still made this particular model. Ease of Use Anybody who can use Windows can use this product. Battery Life Days and days of use. I can watch entire movies without running the battery low. Support & Service I bought it as an open box item. The manufacturer support sent me a new power supply within a day. Even though it was the store's fault, the manufacturer covered it. Speed/Performance It's not the newest, nor the fastest, but it performs just fine. Design Nobody would confuse it with an IPad. Durability I've had this for six months and had no problems.

London, OH


Archos 101 Internet Tablet 8GB 10.1" Android Tablet (501590) PC Notebook

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