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Architec Gripper Wood Cutting Board

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Good for the money.


Let me preface by saying that I am not a chef nor do I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but I do use a cutting board a fair amount, especially for making salads. I needed a reasonably priced cutting board that I could keep on the counter, that worked well, looked nice, was easy to clean and durable. The Architec Gripper Wood Cutting Board has fit the bill on all of these accounts. It is a decent size for most jobs, is easy to clean, and after a couple years of continuous use still looks nice enough to keep on the countertop even though there are some light knife marks and scratches in some spots. I have to use a wood block oil regularly or I'm sure this cutting board would crack. As it stands right now is is starting to crack slightly on the edge, but not enough to buy a new one. This is not a top end cutting board by any stretch, but it was very reasonably priced so I didn't expect it to be. The grippers on the bottom are great for keeping the cutting board in place while in use, and have not damaged my Corian counter in any way. I would by this cutting board again.



Architec Gripper Wood Cutting Board

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