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I didn't get any sunglasses until I questioned where mine were!


**Quick View:** This site has inexpensive sunglasses but it took me getting on their backs to get my order. I am not one to overlook poor customer service. The glasses were cute though when they finally got here. **What Does Any Sunglasses Sells?** Sunglasses, of course! This site sells a huge variety of fashion sunglasses, designer duplicates, celebrity look alike sunglasses, and some actual designer sunglasses. They have some accessories as well. **The Site and My Experience** i usually wear more expensive sunglasses to be sure I have the protection I need but, when I got a discount promotion code plus a free shipping code in email, I had to check out the site. They have a huge variety of sunglasses for men and women. It's a busy site but you can search by style, brand, and several other criteria to narrow down the findings. I couldn't find a shipping chart on the site. I wasn't bothered since I had a free shipping code but usually that is a red flag for me. I want to know up front how much shipping I will need to pay. I chose the glasses I wanted and my codes went through so all seemed fine. My order was processed and then I waited. And waited. And, you know ... waited. After 12 days, I emailed the site asking whether my sunglasses were shipped. I heard nothing. A second email got a response. They said they had attempted to call my home two different times, six days apart, to tell me one of the styles of sunglasses I wanted was out of stock in the color combo I chose. OK, but they didn't email me and tell me that way? I mean, they had my email address and I ordered via the website so why were they calling and waiting almost a week in between to call again? I suspect they would have just forgotten my order had I not hassled them. I sent back an email stating that I would take the sunglasses in a different color combo and to please hurry. Already more than a couple of weeks had passed. I got my order quickly after that. The glasses were right but the sunglasses neck cords I ordered were the wrong colors. Still, everything was basically OK as far as the order went. But what would have happened had I not emailed them about my order? Why didn't they just email me a note that my one choice was out of stock? Their returns policy is not good either. If you get the sunglasses back to then within 15 days, you will get a refund. After that, it's a 25% restocking fee up to the 30 day mark and then you get nothing if you need to return anything from the site. And you must get a hold of them to approve the return before you can send anything back. **My Viewpoint** In the end, I got the sunglasses I wanted (the substitutes were fine). But these glasses are no better than many drugstore glasses and the prices aren't that low to make me return to the site. I do not like the policy of calling people if something is out of stock. I never got a message from them but I assume they did try calling. Although my order was OK in the end, I won't return. There is just too much room for error. ***I give this site 3 stars.*** It's average. The glasses, the prices, the service, the shipping charges - all average. I don't recommend the site simply because you could run into the same problem I did and the outcome may not be so good. Shop at your own risk. There are better and more reliable sites out there that sell inexpensive sunglasses.

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