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Don't Do It!


If you have the option when remodeling...Consider not replacing existing carpeting with more carpeting.  You can never keep it clean.  And if you have pets  or  kids who have accidents... You will never be able to extract what soaks in.  Just check out your pad when you  lift up your existing carpeting. Yuck!  Never again.

Waterloo, AL


Impressed with Phenix Plush Carpet


We just replace our living room and dining room carpet with a version of Shaw Carpeting, company name, Phenix, style Vallley, and we are pleased.  It had the plush dense carpet style we liked and a great color selection.   Plus the same 4.5 star rating as the other carpets we were looking at for a lower price.  After three weeks we are still liking the look and the softness underfoot.  We definitely liked this carpet for it was polyester not nylon.  We had serious matting issues with are previous nylon carpet and we did not like the rough feel of the previous carpet.  We have two dogs, one large and one small, so we installed it over the stainmaster deluxe pet stain pad.  This was an excellent decision for our little dog and "granddog" make "mistakes" and there has been no odor.  We also find that this carpet cleans up well with liquid beading up on the surface and not sinking in like the other name brand carpets that we tested in the store.  Even the store owner was impressed with this fact!  I would recommend this to anyone with children or pets.

Lansing, MI


Any Brand Carpeting

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