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Amuse Amuse Liquid Eyeliner Marker Pen

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Convenience and Accurate


I never did like Eyeliner, until it came to this! Amuse LIquid Eyeliner Marker Pen.  It is just like a normal pen only half its size!  This is a liquid eyeliner that is much better than the normal liquid - dip in eye liner.  This one is already in the form of a pen! No more worries about the brush! It's fully fined tip and is precise at every touch! I use this everyday! I don't have to wipe off like I usually did with the liquid eyeliner.  This one does it in just one stroke!  It's also great for forming the cat eye look.  I can't stress this enough at how convenient it is! It's probably the lightest out of all eyelining utensils.  You don't have to even press hard like the normal pencil eyeliners.  Nice and smooth and you won't scratch your eye!  Amuse is NOT the only brand to get it in!  The Japanese is what started it all!  I got my first eyelining marker pen from Kose Fasio! Which is an excellent Japanese make up company.  I'm starting to see this kind of make up fasion grow here in the US.  Again, eyelining marker is the way to go for convenience, accuracy, and just to be proud of! It's sure worth your money!    

Forest Grove, OR


Amuse Amuse Liquid Eyeliner Marker Pen

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