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American Water Distillers
American Water Distillers 4 liter water distiller, Model MH943T/S

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This distiller is a highly functional and economical machine. It produces a considerable quantity of clean water in a safe manner. I have two complaints: (1) the machine takes about six hours to heat and distill water. I've found that using pre-boiled water saves quite a bit of time (and probably money); (2) the machine is equipped to turn itself off once no water remains. Unfortunately, this leaves a nasty mineral residue in the machine's basin. I recommend turning the machine off once it is near completion. This will help delay and minimize the buildup of deposits in the basin.



great usable item


Used device for many years,great for scientists or chemists,also to make water for drinking,it can be used also to dsitill many chemicals,for ironing,diluting concentrated products-thathave chemicals that might interac t with the bleach or salt in tap water.Can be stored for quite some time,does not leave a residue in cleaning since it does not have salts o hypochlorites.It is a must have for making saline contact lens solutions,and other preparations that specifically ask for sterile and/or distilled water.The top fan needs very little cleaning and properly shuts off when done.It is a must have durable product with many uses.

Miami, FL


American Water Distillers 4 liter water distiller, Model MH943T/S

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