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American Express - Publishing Solutions

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Read the fine print Extremely carefully!


I was too naive to think that if I do not provide my credit card information, nobody can charge me for anything. I was wrong. I entered the sweekpstakes that came in mail. It was simple no purchase necessary sweekpstakes. All I needed to do was to put the sticker and mail in the envelope, so I did without reading the fine print. A month later, Sky Guide was mailed to me and I tossed it in the garbage thinking it was a junk mail. A few months later, I happened to notice a charge on my American Express statement. I was charged $69 for the guide I found no use for and no invoice came with it. I think this is a tricky marketing practice. Folks, be sure to read the fine print.



A cheap scam


Yesterday I received a mail notice addressing me as an "American Express Cardmember", which I am. Here's how it starts out:"$1,000,000.00 prize unawarded. We'd like to inform you that the $1,000,000.00 Cash Prize in the Super Million Dollar XIV Sweepstakes presented by American Express Publishing remains unwarded."It goes on to explain that, though somehow they've been unable to find a prize winner, I could still win if I send in the attached entry form. Great! I could win a million bucks! Or, according to thetext, over a thousand other prizes. If I meet the Early Bird Deadline, I could also win a Bahamas vacation package! Plus, every entrant would receive a free issue of Food & Wine magazine. Ah, but here comes the fine print. Entry also subscribes you to the magazine for another 12 issues and charges your account $29. Sure, you can cancel the subscription by calling a phone number, but I'd suggest checking your bill to make sure the charge is removed. You can also opt out of receiving any magazines at all by checking a box on the back of the entry form, but if I know my direct mail psychology, then it's a sure bet that few of those going to the trouble of entering will be able to resist getting at least a free magazine, and few will remember or bother to cancel the subcription until they'd already received some (if at all), and you'd likely be billed for whatever you've already received at full price. There are a lot of magazines being published, but very few survive on their own merits. Many rely on package distribution deals and sweepstakes come-ons like this one. Odds of winning Fourth Prize ($64) is 1 in 12,600.  

Chicago, IL


American Express - Publishing Solutions

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