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Amazon - Plantinum Visa

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Amazon Platinum Visa is for everything


Amazon, the Marketplace. Everyone I know shops through the Amazon Marketplace. Competitive pricing, free shipping and the vast variety of product make it too appealing not too. I am an Amazon queen. I shop their almost daily, have their Prime shipping service and also the Amazon Platinum Visa card. I have had many purchases and each time at my cart view, a message would appear stating that my order could be $15 cheaper if approved for the Amazon Visa card, so I went for it and got the card. What's great about the Amazon Visa card is that it is a credit card that I can use frequently and pay off monthly, to help build credit. They have several financing options and there is no annual fee. I am happy with my card and recommend applying to next time you get that message in your view cart page. What is also really cool about the card is that if you are approved, you get your credit instantly!

Nampa, ID


Amazon - Plantinum Visa

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