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Top Load Washers
Amana Top Load Washer NAV2330A

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Great Basic Machine


I really like this washing machine. It is certainly not as fancy or flashy as other maybe front loader machines, however I really like it. The thing that I like most about this machine is that it will do a large load of laundry in forty to forty-five minutes. My mom's front loader takes a much longer time. In our house, we have a small child who will often go through several changes of clothes in a day and I am always thankful that I can get it done quickly. It is also great when you have catch-up days. With a shorter wash time, I can really push through many loads if I need to. It's about evenly timed with my dryer so I'm not waiting for one machine to finish. I am happy with this washer and hope that it holds up for a very long time in our house. There was a point in time where I considered a front loading machine. But I really think that the top loading washing machines hold up better in the long run. So far (knock on wood) we have not had to do any type of repairs or maintainance on this washing machine.



Amana Top Load Washer NAV2330A

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