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Top Load Washers
Amana Top Load Washer

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" This Amana washer work just fine"


We bought this washer not long a go and I have been using it for almost 2 or 3 times a week. I am a clean freak so I have to washed the clothes atleast twice a week and I used it for mostly every week. The good thing about this washer is that the price is resonable and the apperance is also good enough. It is easy to use controls with large capacity. what i don't like about this washer is the warrantly, it is warrantly for 2 years and I am not very please with the service. Another thing is that I tend to wash mostly heavily and for the first 7 months , it was working really well. But after seven months, the washer started to make a very loud noices even I washed my clothes small.  It was very dissappointing. For a large capacity it should work fine.I dislike the fact that this washer is not energy efficient. For future washer shopping, I would not buy this washer again and I would not recommend for those who washed clothes in large.

Aurora, IL


Amana NTW4800V Top Load Washer makes laundry day bright


The Amana NTW4800V Top Load Washer is a very good washing machine. Hold a nice large size load of clothes and can handle a load of heavy jeans or towels without going off balance on me. I like to wash large loads of clothes so I need a machine that has a good capacity and this machine has that and was for a reasonable price. You can choose your water temp and you can wash anything from delicates to blankets in this machine. It has good agiation and a strong spin cycle. The knobs and controls are well labeled and well placed making this washing machine easy to use. I like the traditional top load machines better than front load machines. The clothes come out clean every time. I have had this washer for about 1 1/2 years now with no problems whatsoever. I have been told these washer are durable and will last me for many years. If I had to buy another washer I would buy this same washer. If I had to recomend a washing machine to anyone I would recomend the Amana NTW4800V Top Load Washer to them. 

Ironwood, MI


Amana Top Load Washer

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