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Top Load Washers
Amana Top Load Washer

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The Amana Top Load is a great washing machine.


I bought this washing machine because my high efficiency, fancy computer model broke down.  This was after many service calls and more problems than I could handle. The problem with that HE fancy washer was that it was so new that the service men did not know how to fix it. So I bought the Amana washer.  It was the cheapest in the store and it has no computer elements at all.  It's all manual and it even has an agitator.  I love it. I have not had a single problem with it in the four months since I bought it.  It runs great and it cleans great.  Let me compare it to the high efficiency washer that I got rid of.  That washer was nothing but a boat load of trouble.  Also, once I replaced it with the Amana, I realized that it was not getting my clothes as clean.  This amana washer really gets the clothes clean.  You can tell just by the feel and the smell of them. Downsides to this washer are it is not "high efficiency" so basically it uses more water to wash the clothes.  But I much prefer this way because, as I said, it gets the clothes cleaner.  The salesmen will disagree, but they are men, right?  And how often do men do laundry!  After my own personal experience with both kinds of washers, I much prefer my new "old-fashioned" machine. Another downside-the delicate cycle is not suitable for delicates.  The difference between the normal and causal and delicate cycles are the time that it washes for, as opposed to the vigourous-ness.  The tub and agitator turn just as quickly in all three cycles.  I haven't tried to wash delicates because they would just get worn out. Upsides to the washer are the options.  There are load sizes XS through "Super" and temperatures cold-hot and even an extra rinse option.  There are different options within the different load options (which are normal, casual, and delicate) such as "Super Wash", "Light" and more. Also, the tub size was labled as 3.2 or 3.4, can't remember which.  But it holds only one less pair of jeans than my old fancy 4.0 tub washer. So I would definetely reccomend this washer if:-you are concerned about the degree of clenliness for your clothes-you like options for your cycles-you don't want to deal with your washer breaking down or service calls-you want a good washer for the money.

Buffalo, NY


amana means quality it is the best


Amana means reliability,quality. My mom had an amana washing machine and it lasted20+ years.she also had an amana refrigator that lasted20+years as well. Amana stands for well built quality  merchindse that is still made in America.The addage you get what you pay for is certainly true.Mom`s new washing machine and refrigator don`t do what the amana appliances did.If you want a name to trust that would be Amana no doubt in my mind.Amana is quality,reliability,workmanship,and durability.

Davenport, IA


Amana Top Load Washer

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