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Top Load Washers
Amana Top Load Washer

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My Amana Top Load Washer is a clothes-washing monster!


**Amana 3.2 cu. ft. Top Load Washer** **Product Features**: 3.2 cu. ft. Super CapacityAntimicrobial Component Protection9 Cycles-Delicate to Extra Heavy Cycle4 Water Level SelectionsAutomatic Temperature Control3 Water Temperature Selections2 Spin SpeedsBleach DispenserWhite Porcelain Wash BasketDeluxe, Dual Action AgitatorAmana appliances have been around for as long as I can remember.  It has been a brand standard in many homes for years.  I recently purchased an Amana washer and, so far, have been very pleased with my choice.  The washer tub is, as described, "super capacity".  I can easily wash an entire set of bedding-including the comforter without having to "pack it all in".  The Amana washer saves money because there are 4 different water levels so that I don't waste water washing a small load.  And, dispite its "super capacity", the washer fits easily into the small laundry area I have in my home, leaving plenty of space for the dryer.  I certainly do recommend the Amana Top Load Super Capacity Washer.  It is a clothes-washing monster! Energy Efficiency The Amana Top Load washer is energy star rated and the water level settings allow you to use as little or as much water as needed. Cleaning Time The Amana Top Load Washer has different timed cycle to clean clothes effienctly and effectively! Performance The Amana Top Load Washer is a clothes washing monster! Ease of Use The top load design allows for very easy loading and unloading of clothes. Design Nothing fancy, but it is space-saving with a clean design. Durability My Amana Top Load Washer is still going strong!

Americus, GA


My Amana washing machine doesn't let me down


About 3 months ago my washing machine broke down. Now, I have a husband and 4 kids that need to have clothes washed and going to the laundromat just isn't an option. My husband went to a Rent to own place and bought our new Amana washing machine. It's clean looking, simple. It has one knob for the temperature settings, one knob for load size and one knob for what kind of load you want to do.....dark/whites/delicates...etc. If it feels a little off kilter, all you have to do is lean the machine forward and it has self leveling that.  At first I thought it was smaller than my old washing machine but after getting used to it and doing some clothing in it, it actually seems bigger. The agitator works to get my clothes clean.  It has a reservoir at the top, just when you open the lid, to hold the bleach too. I haven't used that yet because it's not something I'm used to, but I do plan to. All in all I would recommend it highly.

Wills Point, TX


The Amana NTW4500V Washer is a pratical and inexpensive choice!


My husband and I really enjoy our great new Amana washer. It does a great job cleaning our clothes, even my husband's nasty, muddy, oily, oilfield clothes. It is very quiet, and the wash cycles are pretty quick which is a definate plus for extremely busy moms like myself. The clothes get spun out good, so there is no need for worries about excess water and much longer drying times. We actually bought the Amana dryer to complete our set and we love it also. The Amana washer has easy to use settings that are practical and versatile. It is very easy to clean. The only thing that i have discovered that i do not like is the load capacity. We have a TON of laundry, but the quick cycles almost make up for the smaller capacity. We were afraid that the Amana washer would be just another cheap piece of junk, but it has not had one trouble. So the cost is great for the amount of quality you receive in this washer. I would highly recommend this washer to anyone who is on a tight budget, and needs a great washer.

Stephens, AR


Amana Top Load Washer

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