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Amana Built-in Dishwasher

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Good sturdy diswasher for the money but a few problems.


We got this dishwasher when we had our house built, along with the Amana microwave and fridge to go in it. It consists of the normal two pull out design with a top and bottom tray. The bottom tray has more vertical space to it for your bigger pots and pans whereas the top rack is quite small in terms of the room from it to the top of the dishwasher. The options and cleaning abilities that you'll find in most dishwashers are here, nothing really stands out about that part, it works well for the most part as long as you set up the dishes properly (nothing cover something sot he water won't reach it for example). We have had to sometimes wash a dish or two more the once, as a bowl or something accidently covered part and the dishwasher didn't really get it clean, but it happens in almost any dishwasher, least ones I've used. The main problem with the diswasher is the top rack. It's a very limited space, you can fit bowls and very small plates in it, but even small things likle tubberware or such will be a pain to fit in it correcotly. If you are looking for a good quality diswasher for a big family, I'd suggest another. However for just a couple of pepole on oa budget, ti works fine for what you expect from it.

Athens, TN


A quiet and efficient dishwasher


We bought this dishwasher after our old one finally just died.  It was right after Christmas and we didn't have a lot of money, so I honestly chose this one because of the low price.  We also wanted a "bisque" color and that limited our choices as well.  I have been quite happy with this dishwasher.  Right away I noticed that the top rack has deeper spots for tall glasses and that made me happy.  I can wash wine glasses now that previously wouldn't have fit in our old dishwasher.  I am not as happy with the bottom rack.  It seems awkward to fit our bowls in, but it works OK.  There are lots of settings to choose from. I tend to use regular wash or sometimes quick wash, but there are others.  I really like the delay option because I can set it and have the dishes wash overnight while we are asleep.  This is a very quiet diswasher and it seems to do a good job of cleaning our dishes without spots or residue.

Wellsville, NY


Great dishwasher and a great price


We bought the Amana built in dishwasher in stainless look. We got a really good price because they were running a special. We've had it hooked up and running for about three months now and it's been amazing. We were renting before and our dishwasher wouldn't clean a single thing, we had to prewash everything and then there would still be gunk on the dishes afterwords. This dishwasher has been a breath of fresh air.  I never prewash the dishes anymore, which saves me time and a little on the water bill. I simply load everything up and do the basic cycle and amazingly it cleans just wonderfully. It does have a lot of different options as far as the different rinse cycles and dry cycles, even though I just use the normal setting. I love the stainless look, it's so easy to clean and I don't worry about hand prints or smudges like I would on a stainless dishwasher. I really can't think of a flaw with this dishwasher yet.  

Panama City, FL


I feel Amana Dishwasher cleans great.


My Amana ADB1500AWS Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher purchased at Good Deals Appliance in Fort Myers, Florida, cleans wonderfully. I feel we made a good purchase. The only thing I do not like is the silverware basket. It is to small, making it hard to get the utensils in and out. It also crowds the utensils, so sometimes food sticks to them. The inside is very roomy and hold a lot of dishes. I can get my largest pan in with ease. It has five cycles, heavy wash, normal wash, quick wash, rinse only and a auto wash. It also has options, such as heat dry, sanitize, high-temp wash, delay hours and a lock to disable the buttons. I like the lock feature, so little ones can't turn it on. The delay option is nice so you can run during the night while sleeping. We can't hear it in the bedroom. With the Stainless Steel facing, there is the problem of keeping finger prints and smuges off of it. The instruction manual says there is a stainless steel cleaner and polish, I would recommend getting it.

Fort Myers, FL


Amana Built-in Dishwasher

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