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Amana ASD2522WR (25.1 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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Great Fridge, easy to use, easy to clean.


We have had this fridge for around 2 years. It works great! I love the ease of use. The shelves in the fridge door adjust, so they can accommodate many sizes of items. They also pull out easily for cleaning. The shelves within the fridge are on rollers, so you can slide them out to get to something in the back. This also makes them easier to wipe clean. The bottom bins work well - slide in and out easily. The freezer side features non adjustable shelves in the door, and adjustable wire racks in the freezer, plus a slide out bin. The controls are easy to work, the ice maker works great, water & ice dispensers work well. I only have a handful of small complaints - one, the cost of the water filters is high, considering they don't last that long. Two - the handle on our fridge side slips up sometimes and we have to pull in back down properly. Three- the lack of meat/cheese drawer and no crisper controls. Other than that, love it. So happy with it still. Noise Level rarely notice it, except with the ice maker dispenses new ice. Interior Organization lots of options Temperature Control no issues, separate fridge/freezer controls. Ease of Cleaning everything slides out, it's great Durability that pesky fridge handle keeps trying to slide off track! Design wish there was a meat/cheese drawer inside!



Hinges wear out.


We've had this fridge for a few years. The fridge door stopped closing by itself, we had to push it all the way closed - and sometimes we would forget. It's a hard habit to develop. When we forgot, the fridge would be cracked open all day. The plastic cams at the bottom of the fridge door had worn out and cracked. They seem to be very cheap plastic. It's a relatively cheap repair, and one you can do yourself - but it's easier with two people because you have to take the door entirely off, and it's hard to lift it back on while lining up the hinge at the bottom perfectly without a second person to help guide it in place. Now it swings shut again, but makes a horrible groaning sound when we open it. Pluses- easily adjustable shelving. Other minuses: interior of fridge has uneven temps, meat placed near freezer side doesn't thaw quickly.

Sterling Heights, MI


Amana ASD2522WR (25.1 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator

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